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Laxmikant Polity Pdf Free Upsc Material


Click here to download the pdf 

Indian Polity by M Laxmikant 6th Edition PDF Free Download

Details of Legend of Indian polity by Laxmikant 6th edition

  • Book Name: Indian polity by Laxmikant 6th edition
  • Authors: M Laxmikant
  • Pages: 660
  • Publish Date: 2019
  • Language: English

Book Summary:

Today I provide Indian Polity PDF especially for UPSC or civil service aspirants because Laxmikant Polity book is important for civil service exam and state PCS BPSC, UPPSC, MPPSC, RPSAC and all other competitive exams.

So, dear students, you can download M. Laxmikant Indian Polity PDF for your exam preparation. You can download Indian Politics by M. Laxmikant to read Politics on your mobile computer via PDF viewer by clicking on the link given below.

Because its concepts are completely in the format of notes and students who need to spend a lot of time they have to spend a lot of time in making notes or M. Laxmikant Polity Book already indicates two points in the format of notes Is.

Indian Polity PDF Download by M. Laxmikant: Sixth Edition This is the latest edition of M. Laxmikant, Polity book is widely regarded as the best book for civil services exam preparation in India, and is considered the best .

If you can download laxmikant polity handwritten notes pdf other than laxmikant book I provide Indian polity and constitution handwritten notes pdf google drive link you download pdf link and download handwritten notes.

Chapters Present in Indian Polity by Laxmikant 6th Edition PDF

In the sixth edition of Laxmikant's book Indian Polity, the number of chapters has been changed. You can find below the complete list of chapters present in the book Indian Polity by Laxmikant 6th Edition:

Part-I-(constitutional framework)
  1. Historical background
  2. Constitution making
  3. Main features of the constitution
  4. The preamble of the constitution
  5. Union and its territories
  6. Citizenship
  7. Fundamental rights
  8. Directive principles of state policy
  9. Fundamental duty
  10. Constitutional amendment
  11. The basic structure of the constitution

Part-ii- system of government

  1. Parliamentary system
  2. Federal system
  3. Centre-state relations
  4. Interstate relations
  5. Emergency provision

Part-iii - central government

  1. President
  2. Vice president
  3. Prime minister
  4. Union council of ministers
  5. Cabinet committees
  6. Parliament
  7. Parliamentary committees
  8. Parliamentary forum
  9. Parliamentary group
  10. Supreme court
  11. Judicial review
  12. Judicial activism
  13. Public interest litigation

Part iv - state government

  1. Governor
  2. Chief minister
  3. State council of ministers
  4. State legislature
  5. High court
  6. Tribunal
  7. Subordinate courts
  8. Special provisions for some states

Part v - local government
  1. Panchayati raj
  2. Municipalities
  3. Part vi - union territories and special areas
  4. Union territory
  5. Scheduled and tribal areas

Part vii - constitutional bodies

  1. Election commission
  2. Union public service commission
  3. State public service commission
  4. Finance commission
  5. Goods and services tax council
  6. National commission for scheduled castes
  7. National commission for scheduled tribes
  8. National commission for bc
  9. Special officer for linguistic minorities
  10. Comptroller and auditor general of india
  11. Attorney general of india
  12. State attorney general

Part-viii- non-constitutional bodies

  1. Policy commission
  2. National human rights commission
  3. State human rights commission
  4. Central information commission
  5. State information commission
  6. Central vigilance commission
  7. Central bureau of investigation
  8. Lokpal and lokayukta
  9. National investigation agency
  10. National disaster management authority

Part ix - other constitutional dimensions
  1. Co-operative societies
  2. Official language
  3. Public services
  4. Special provisions relating to certain classes
  5. Part x - political mobility
  6. Political parties
  7. Role of regional parties
  8. Election
  9. Election law
  10. Electoral reform
  11. Voting behavior
  12. Coalition government
  13. Anti defection law
  14. Pressure group
  15. National integration
  16. Foreign policy
Part-XI- Working of the Constitution

  1. National commission to review the working of the constitution
  2. Appendix
  3. Appendix I: Articles of the Constitution (1-395) AI.3-AI.14
  4. Appendix II: Subjects of the Union, State and Concurrent Lists AII.1-AII.5
  5. Appendix III: Seniority Table AIII.1-AIII.3
  6. Appendix IV: Constitutional Amendments at a Glance AIV.1-AIV.10
  7. Appendix V: President, Vice President, Prime Minister etc. AV.1-AV.3
  8. Appendix VI: Chairmen of the National Commissions AVI.1-AVI.2
  9. Appendix VII: UPSC Questions on Indian Polity (General Studies-Preliminary 2010-2019) AVII.1-AVII.20
  10. Appendix VIII: Practice Questions on Indian Polity (General Studies-Preliminary) AVIII.1-AVIIII.26
  11. Appendix IX: UPSC Questions on Indian Polity (General Studies-Mains 2010-2019) AIX.1-AIX.8
  12. Appendix X: Practice Questions on Indian Polity (General Studies-Mains) AX.1-AX.3

About the Publisher of Indian Politics by M Laxmikant

McGraw Hill is proud to present the 6th edition of Indian Politics written by M Laxmikant (Hindi Medium). The book itself needs no introduction.

It is one of the most popular and comprehensive books on the subject and has been a consistent bestseller for many years. It has become a must read book for the aspirants appearing for various competitive examinations, especially civil services examinations.

The wide range and scope of the issues covered make it valuable for postgraduates, research scholars, academicians and general readers interested in political, civil and constitutional issues of the country.

This new, sixth edition adds seven new chapters along with four new appendices. The existing chapters have been thoroughly revised and updated with the recent developments.



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