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Yankee Mission by Julian Stockwin Pdf Download

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Yankee Mission by Julian Stockwin Epub Download

Details of Yankee Mission by Julian Stockwin Books

  • Book Name: Yankee Mission 
  • Authors: Julian Stockwin
  • Pages: 375
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Publish Date:  6 October 2022
  • Language: English
Book Review:

Yankee Mission by Julian Stockwin How had Demosthenes removed his Speech Impediment? and become a great public speaker of Athens. And, what Thomas Edition did when his factory, made by hard work of whole life burnt to ashes. And NASA, before sending astronauts to space, what one thing teach, that can be also helpful for your day-to-day life. The answers to these all questions, 

I will tell from the best-selling book by Ryan Holiday "The Obstacle is the Way". How great personalities of the world converted the obstacles into advantages. In 1966, a famous boxer of America, Rubin Carter was jailed for false blame of triple murder which he didn't do. 

Then Rubin Carter, Instead of crying and giving up like other people, kept mental toughness. And to get himself out of jail, started reading books on law, history, and philosophy. And almost after 20 years. He proved his blame wrong and he came out of jail. And after came out of jail. 

Rubin Carter, instead of saying court to apologize. and instead of telling his story of injustice that happened to him to the world. Only continued his life. Because he used to tell, People can snatch your everything. But your thoughts, beliefs, reactions, and way of seeing your situation can never snatch. Means you can never be completely powerless. 

From Nelson Mandela to Malcolm X. Many great people used jail as a workshop. And they came out by transforming themselves. Because they had control over their beliefs and perceptions. and they thought we can never be powerless completely. So, whether you are in a very bad situation. 

If you want to convert those obstacles into advantages. They remember 1st point. You are never Powerless. When NASA trained their astronaut to send into space. Then they are taught one skill at first, That is "The art of not panicking". Because when people panic. then they do mistakes. 

They forgot procedures & rules and they only react. That is the same as death in space. John Glenn, who was the first American astronaut. Who travelled around the earth. And by keeping his heartbeat 100 beats per minute. He did this because he didn't panic. And he kept control of his emotion. 

Your emotion doesn't allow you to see your problems clearly. So you have much more solutions to the problems of others than yourself. He should do this & that. Because you don't become emotional about others' problems. 

By which you can clearly see the problems. and you can get the best solutions to that problems. To see your problems and solve that, Think like this, If the same problem is with other people then what advice you would give to that person? And then follow that same advice yourself. 

An example of this is- At the age of 67 years, when Thomas Edition's factory, made by the hard work of whole life, burnt to ashes. Then he immediately reaches his factory. Instead of running and panicking. 

He told to the people standing near him. Go and call your wife and children. They would never see this fire show in their life. Thomas Edition was not mad. But he knew, nothing will happen with panicking. 

The damage that was to be done has already been done. Now nothing will happen with crying. So he did that time what was in his control. And the next day he started to recover that factory. And after that incident, the next year, he generates 10 million dollars in revenue. 

There are two types of obstacles in your life First "Internal Obstacles" means over which, you have control. And second is "External Obstacles" means over which, you don't have any control. You should understand this thing, You can't control everything. Like weather disasters, economy, others emotions, and their judgements etc. 

But you can control yourself. So the things over which you have control, just control that. And the things you can't control, control your response to that things. 2. Don't Panic and Focus on What can be controlled. 

3. Follow the Process. American Football coach "Nick Saban" taught his players to follow the process. He used to tell his players, Forget to win the championship, Forget to defeat another team. Only give full focus on the process of playing. Give focus on your every move in the game. and do the practice. 

By that, to win the championship, to defeat another team, and moving forward to your goal, everything will complete itself. By following the process, one who wasn't able to speak perfectly, that Demosthenes become a great auditor of Athens. 

Demosthenes, to remove his Speech Impediment, prepare a process for himself, and started following that process, Like tongue exercise, giving speech during climbing stairs. Speak by maintaining the sound in strong wind. and many more practices that can't even think about that. 

Demosthenes prepared an underground room to educate himself. and started reading books inside that. To follow his process for more time, he took a weird and powerful decision, And shaved off half of his head. and kept the hair on only half part of the head. by which he can't go out and only do the practice. and by this, he followed the full process to become a master. 

And in some time, a Speech Impediment person, become master in speech, that people got shocked by his powerful expression, strong voice, and speaking style. By following the same process Thomas Edition invented the light bulb. 

In 1878, Instead of Thomas Edition, many other invertors were working on making the light bulb. But only Edition got success in making the light bulb. Because he followed the process.

To make the bulb, he tested more than 6000+ material filaments step by step. means he followed a wide range of materials, then he got the success. But other inventors didn't follow these long processes and didn't try many materials. 

Mean to say that, Forget the long path in your work and just follow the process, that will help you to move forward on that path, Because Any issue can be solved by doing some process. 

4. Be Prepared for the worst. The world can make you fall, they can hurt you, But if you have prepared for it in advance, then they can't hurt you much. For this, only a few percentages of people in the world use a technique. That is designed by 'decision-making research psychologist' "Gary Klein".the name is "PreMortem". You know this word, but you would never use it real. 

If I explain in detail, Like after someone's death his postmortem is done, that for what reason he died, We have to reverse that same concept. When you take some important decision then you premortem that, means define that, for what reason, your project or decision can also fail. 

The person who is ready for the best outcome, and prepared for the worst situation. then failure can't distract them emotionally. And that person can easily find the solution by taking better decisions. If I summarize everything I learned from this book. 

1. Nobody can steal your beliefs and way of looking at things. Means, you can never be completely powerless. 

2. In bad times, instead of panicking, first think that what is in your control. and the things over which you have control. just control it. And over which you have no control. just control your response to that. 

3. Follow the process to complete any tough task. Just like done by Demosthenes and Thomas Edition. 

4. Prepare yourself for a bad situation by Premortem your important decision. That will become your strength later. These are all techniques I have learned from the best-selling book by Ryan Holiday, "The Obstacle is the Way". 

That taught us unsigned lessons to convert adversity to advantage. Many more unsigned stories are written in this book. That taught us, how great personalities, converted their obstacles into advantages? And how you can use that technique in your daily life? I liked this book much. 


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