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Their Snowy Night By Lucy Darling Pdf Download


Their Snowy Night By Lucy Darling

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Their Snowy Night By Lucy Darling Epub Download 

Details of Their Snowy Night By Lucy Darling Book

  • Book Name: Their Snowy Night 
  • Authors: Lucy Darling
  • Pages: 93
  • Genre: Romance Novel
  • Publish Date: October 26, 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review 

Their Snowy Night By Lucy Darling by where i'll be recommending you some of my favorite japanese books and yes make sure that you take notes all the links to all the books will be the description below in case you need to check them out and yes without any further ado let's get started

Fumihiro nakamura and fumiro nakamura's books are amazing if you are interested in psychological thrillers but more on the psychological part of the thrillers instead of the thriller or mystery part 

So you can read books like the gun the evil and the mask the thief there is a lot of moral and ethical questions that are raised in all of miro nakamura's books which is why i really really love them i came across the gun for the first time on storytelling's platform and i'm so grateful for the fact that 

i found this author because he's not that reputed an author at least like to the mainstream audience who reads books but i thankfully found the gun i gave it a read because it was a shorter read that most other novels and i was impressed it talks about 

a guy who finds a gun he has no intentions of committing a crime but the fact that he has access to a gun kind of starts driving him crazy which raises the question that who are we but the tools that were supplied to us from a young age would we be different if we didn't get these same tools as we did get the last time we checked or the time we were born 

I really love that question uh same goes for evil and dimas there's a boy who thinks that his purpose in life is to destroy everything because his father told him so but as he grows up he starts questioning it and same for uh the thief the thief is yet another book that you can do he was a little less impressive compared to other fumiro nakamura books but 

I enjoyed it nevertheless all these books and majority of the books that i'm going to talk about today are available on storytel storytel is an amazing audiobook platform where you can read so many amazing books international and indian titles for less than 300 a month and if you use my link in the description it will be less than 180 rupees a month for you specifically and if you are a regular subscriber who has already used storytell because 

I know that at least three or four thousand of you use total because we get all the data and uh it's amazing that so many of you have tried out this platform i always get the feedback that you love the app and you want recommendations from on the app from me well in case you're a regular user go for the annual subscription you'll spend less than half of the total amount in that subscription so go for annual instead 

The best part about storytelling compared to any other audiobook app is that you get unlimited access to any book you want for the same subscription fee which means that you don't have to buy it in every book individually a lot of these books especially translated books are very costly and getting them so affordably is amazing so listening to books on storytel is definitely a pocket friendly option for any bookworm or anyone who wants to be a bookworm 

I do get this question a lot that is reading and listening the same well technically not but for the longest time oral tradition was how books and epics were transferred there was no paper and oral tradition is such a huge part of reading as a culture and why would you want to go away from that so listening in audiobook is definitely a great experience nevertheless it does not 

It doesn't have to compete reading reading and listening are two different things but both are equally enjoyable in their own separate ways it's just that when you get busier in life it might not be possible for you to just take out a book all the time and read it so in that space you can just listen to 

It while you're doing your choice so the links will be in the description below make sure you make use of it now talking about japanese authors i don't think i can uh not talk about haruki murakami and sodal has a great collection of murakami books 

I think there are about five amazing books from him there's dance dance dance which is the one that i'm actually reading again now because i enjoyed it so much it is the second book in a trilogy by haruki murakami so you should read the first one first but even if you pick dance dance first because the first time

I read it i picked this first uh it did make a lot of sense to me when you read murakami's books there's a lot of metaphysical concepts and things that are not what they seem so it takes a lot of brains to understand murakami but if you are inclined to read something that will be more easily understandable go for what i talk about when i talk about running or men without women these are much better books to start with if you are a beginner um and yes 

I hope that these recommendations will be picked up by you and another amazing author that i really love who is japanese is hiromi kawakami i'm currently reading record of a night two brief i have finished one novella in this i was not very impressed with it but uh i'm you know keeping my thoughts open i have read read strange weather in tokyo by hiromi that's exactly where 

I fell in love with him but uh i'm not getting too impressed with this one the next author that's getting really popular these days is miyu kokawa kami specifically her breasts and eggs which follows three women and their you know struggles with their body i think struggles with someone's body and the changes in 

One's body is something that is really not talked about much but books like these really bring all the feelings that one must go through into words and that is very beautiful also the stereotypes what one goes through externally apart from the internally that is something worth a read this book is really popular there's another book by miyako akami that

I want to read i've not read it yet it's called heaven so let me know if you want to do a readathon where maybe heaven can be our book of the month i would really love that two japanese books that really resonate with me are toshikazu kawaguchi's 

Bugs before the coffee gets cold and tails from the cafe now the there's a cafe where you basically can time travel as long as you don't change the events of the past so you can just time travel for the sake of it now uh there's a misconception that one might have that this book is about time travel in general 

But no it's not at all it's not sci-fi it's more about the feelings the things you could have done differently just looking at like looking inwards from a time in the past it's more of a reflective book not a sci-fi for sure so definitely give it a read if you want to beautiful beautiful writing style beautiful concept 

There's a movie based on the same as well but the movies are not that great honestly if you have dealt a little bit into japanese literature you must have heard about this book called no longer human by osamu dazai it follows someone's life who thinks that they are not qualified to be human and the dehumanization in this book is so real you will feel it on a different level

If you're going through a rough patch but if you're not but there's some part of your life where you've been through it you'll really be able to relate to it once i was done reading this book i just couldn't read anymore for a couple of weeks because i was so shocked um kind of contemplating a lot absorbing it and another book that you should read is hiroshima diary 

Basically you know what it's about the ground zero of the bombings what it was really like it's a sad book it's a terrible book and it's not something i probably would have read for fun i would read it if i intentionally want to feel pain i think a lot of times when we are choosing books we really need to understand how do you want to feel after reading a certain book 

You'll you'll not feel anything but pain after reading a book like that okay other books make you feel very understood but in this book hiroshima dairy you understand the people and the helplessness of understanding but not being able to do anything is so real it's painful

With a couple of bonus recommendations that is if cats disappear from the world it's about a guy who gets some random wishes granted and one of them is if cats get disappeared or out of the world it's a strange funny and exotic read definitely read it if you wanna um another book that 

i would recommend is the cat who saved the books you can read this if you are interested in books and cats japanese are like really obsessed with cats like there's a lot of books around kaz there's

i'm a cat by natsume there is a sun and steel by yukio mishima is one of my favorite writers and his life is very tragic.


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