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The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy by Jenny Han pdf download

The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy by Jenny


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The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy by Jenny Han pdf download

Details of The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy by Jenny Han Book

  • Book Name: The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy
  • Authors: Jenny Han
  • Pages: 608
  • Genre: Romance Novel
  • Publish Date: May 5, 2009
  • Language: English

Book Review 

The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy by Jenny Han this book and first off they made new covers for this which I'm not a fan of the new covers I like the old cover took me a while to find me because 

I got this one a Half Price Books right and then I finished it in a day because it's that easy to finish this book guys then I went on to these other half I really wanted to other half-price books because 

I knew that they would have the old versions right and they didn't had them and I was so upset so then I went on a book alikom and they had both of them for like two bucks the old versions in paperback 

so I picked those up and they sell me coming about some came mill so for those who haven't read this book which I can't believe you have it it took me forever to I know this book is a very relatable book about this girl named belly her real name is Isabella 

I know belly is a really weird name that's just a nickname I promise she's 15 years old and every single summer her her mom and her brother they go to this summer house in cousins Beach and there they stay with this family whose mother is best friends with their mother it growing up going to the same Beach every single summer and their their mother's best friend has two boys the oldest one is named Conrad and the youngest one is named after Maya you will adore this but guys 

I adore this book okay it made me think about my middle school years okay my middle school years which you don't want to think about but just made me like laugh about all the awkward situations that I used to be put in all the time that's why 

I like I'm kind of immunity to like awkward things like when I embarrass like I brush it off because I've been bears so many times in my life like if you're the same this story is about this one final summer that she goes and finally the boys notice her 

I gave this book a 4 to 5 stars I believe I thoroughly enjoyed it I love this book it was so adorable the coming-of-age story and I really loved that it really brought me back to like must nostalgic years and which wasn't that long ago now that 

I think about it one thing I love that a story is that they had flashback chapters of when she was like 9 or 10 or 12 I've heard in the previous summers coming to summer and she has this crush on one of the brothers and that one brother will never has looked to her in a way romantically but finally 

This summer they're finally listening her in a romantic way it's just adorable if you haven't because I'll go pick it up I know I'm not very good at descriptions or describing how the book is but it is amazing I love today's 4/5 stars go pick up now go go and read it and then come back and watch the review so we can talk about it but people that read 

This book oh my gosh I love this book so much there's so many awkward moments that just like I just flood so much so the reason that belly likes conrad is when she was like nine years old she stood up for her when Jeremiah and Stephen were picking on her so that was like the moment where she was like 

I had other love interests like that one boy cam and Jeremiah likes belly and he even like said it at the end you I like you whatever she's always had her eyes on Conrad like nobody else will fit the bill it's always Conrad 

I kind of relationship like I love Conrad he was kind of like mysterious you know boy I think all girls gravitate towards that kind of words especially boy that she thinks that she will never get one day really loves on this book it's a relationship that belly had with Susannah who 

I'm just so fat getting cancer again after she was in remission and it's just that that was the sad part about this book there's always a sad portion to a book okay there's never there is no such thing as on all happy books people go through struggles and that was the struggle 

That's belly went through a rocky relationships with Conrad and Jeremiah and of course Cena getting diagnosed with cancer again I knew she was diagnosed with cancer again like I just made she was thinking because of the way that she was acting she was always in bed resting and just the way you know Conrad was 

So upset throughout the whole entire book he was brooding and just grieving throughout the Wonder book because he knew that she was dying and so belly has a special relationship with Susannah because if she's kind of like her second mother because belly and her real mother don't really have a great relationship because her parents are divorced of course she blames her mom for support one thing 

I wanted to like bring up was Connor and Jeremiah's parents Susannah and their dad I think that their dad is divorcing Susannah when she is going through cancer and it's awful you don't do that okay you made about their sickness and in health and I just thought that that was another reason why Conrad and Jeremiah were just so sad throughout 

This book especially Conrad Connor was brewing throughout the whole entire book and we didn't get really get to know him a lot because of that we did get to know Jeremiah which I'm I don't know how I feel about Jeremiah I like him as a character I think he's funny 

I think that he's a really good friend to belly but not more than a friend he was up to me like he's one of those guys you just automatically friendzone that's exactly how belly saw Jeremiah the friend not really as like a boyfriend I really loved the flashback chapters where she would go back to a certain age and you would just like see how she kind of grew up with these boys 

I felt really bad for her best friend though Taylor I know some people like think of her as kind of like the devil because first she wanted calm and then she wants Jeremiah and she goes for belly's older brother I thought belly was a little hard on this girl I mean Taylor was her best friend she was a good friend to beli 

I mean she cried out told her you know which one do you want and you can't happen both which is true Mellie can't have them both Jeremiah was not stopping with you know flirting with Taylor's Oh entire time obviously Taylor isn't teenage girl she's 13 years old 

She wants her flirt with boys she wants to kiss him away okay so she goes up to Jeremiah and belly kind of like made her kind of like the enemy should have done that because I did your best friend I mean your best I want to have fun she's a girl she wants a farmer boy and Jeremiah was just as much flirting with her 

I could also tell that Taylor actually liked her older brother Stephen because it's kind of like that love-hate relationship which is gonna work in that she doesn't like him but really she doesn't like him just I just I understood it so much usually I always like mean the boys whenever

I like them which is just something I do I don't mean to do it it just happened so what I feel bad for a character because it just seems like belly was being really mean to her even though that is supposed to be like your best friend she's not really doing anything wrong the only wrong shady thing that 

She ever did was like kiss her brother and not really tell her that she had a crush and her older brother this summer belly finally gets a boyfriend whose name's cam cam Cameron Conrad is just so possessive over belly whenever she gets this boyfriend he doesn't he always is trying to intrude on their date 

I want to talk about one of the flashbacks to where when belly was like 12 and Conrad was kind of 14 affecting your goals and he took belly to the fair and she was so excited she was like maybe if I just like let my hand dangle and he will hold my hand 

I just like no girl no it's not what happen and then you kind of like ignore them one at a time and then takes her to one of the games and he all he does is stare at the girl working at the counter and it just breaks Bella's heart and I can just totally relate because she's older and he will never look at her the way that she wants him to because she's like 12 

This girl that she's competing against it's like 15 years old and augur body's like already kind of like developed bellies 12 you know she's not really developed Conrad kind of teacher I said a little sister but then finally at the end of books she finally tells common I do I like you 

I always like to always loved you can he blows her off and then Jeremiah and Conrad start fighting and then Susanna comes out and then she's like you know loomed shoe and you're just like your heart sinks because you know what she's talking about and immediately Jeremiah and Conrad 

Just start breaking down and he was very weird to see Conrad a person that you from the beginning of the book is brooding doesn't really have a lot of emotions start crying you know for his mother and I just thought that was just it was so sad you could feel the heart wrench in the story through the pages hey guys 

I read parts of the second book okay because you know at the end the book they have like a preview for the second book and um I'm I'm excited to read a second book I just know it's going to be sad so I really really enjoyed this book I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed it but I should have been surprised it's obviously Ginny Han her books are amazing.


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