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The Stolen Heir by Holly Black Pdf Download


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The Stolen Heir by Holly Black Pdf Download

Details of The Stolen Heir by Holly Black Books

  • Book Name: The Stolen Heir 
  • Authors: Holly Black 
  • Pages: 328
  • Genre: Self Help
  • Publish Date: 3 January 2023
  • Language: English
Book Review:

The Stolen Heir by Holly Black this book no we do get to see a little bit of Aida and Callum but not too much he doesn't really focus on them since this is um the story of Mikko and uh Nessa but we do meet Clara and she's sort of like the archetype of um Mrs Potts 

I can't remember her name but she was like the feather duster and um beating the Beast I'm sure someone knows her name but um she's sort of an archetype of Mrs Potts and um the feather duster girl from Beauty and the Beast and her name was Clara or Clara and I really really liked her a lot I kind of wish that we would get like a novella of Marcel and Clara's story or a story of their own because I just really thought she was interesting 

I think um in my opinion I think the people that work for villainous people are interesting you know I just find that's uh how do you go to your work when it's sort of a mundane job like say you're the chef or the fitness coach or um dog walker dog sitter for like a mob boss you know are you oblivious to the thought do you just like Overlook it are you do you have to wear bulletproof vest to take um the dog for a walk you know if I'm that interesting 

so I really did like Clara a lot as well as Marcel and um I just like the relationship between Nikolai meet slash Mikko and um Nessa so as I described this book when I was writing my review for it I it probably would be written as a slow burn but there was so much like sexual tension between Mikko and Nessa that 

I was almost like literary foreplay so it was kind of cool to have like a story that technically was slow slow burn in the scope of the story but had so much tension that it wasn't like you had to wait for them to get together you're like okay this is going to be really good when they finally do get together 

now I sort of get these these um ideas as well with some of like my historical romances one of my favorite like um it's not spicy but hey y'all sorry my camera actually filled up on space 

I wasn't able to finish what I was saying so I'm gonna try to add these two clips together and editing and hopefully I get that figured out but um like I said sometimes a slow burn can be really spicy if the tension is high like 

If you've ever watched the Mio Visa Costa and Michael Fassbender version of Jane Eyre from like 2011. that movie's pretty hot you know it's not like it's actually explicit in any sense it's I think it might be rated PG for scary scenes but really it's G and um you know just sometimes slow Burns can have more passion than like you know um Wang bang move show book whatever so yeah 

I really enjoyed the stolen error I thought it was wonderful I love the Beauty and the Beast aspect I love the characters I will say there are some definitely definite um content warnings there is suicide there is violence Gore murder there is um it's not depicted but there is sort of a gang sa that happens to a minor character at the very beginning if that's something you don't want to even think about 

I would just say skip chapter one and you'll sort of get the gist of what happens but it's not um a main character but it's something that happens to a character's loved one so I would say definitely check my description for the content warnings but it is pretty heavy but if you go past chapter one and you know that it's the dark Mafia romance so it's gonna have like violence with the mafia people then you sort of know what to expect it's not like you wouldn't find like violence and Gore probably in this 

I haven't read it yet so it could have violence and Gore but um you know with dark Mafia romances little thing you know you have some things you're going to probably encounter more so than like in love on the brain you know it's pink it doesn't mean it could 

I mean there's probably a pink graphic horrendous Violet novel but you know I wouldn't expect this to have violence Gore and murder but you know a dark Mafia Romance possibly you know well everyone 

I really enjoyed stolen air I hope my review was informative for you if you want to read it or not I think if you're definitely a fan of Beauty and the Beast you have to pick this up um I read book one books one and two 

I do plan to read Savage lover extra thing is book three um probably not in September but maybe in October for something more like that dark um Gothic sort of scary stuff well everyone I hope you'll have a great day and I'll see y'all soon bye everyonel. 


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