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Details of The Missing Widow by L.G. Davis Books

  • Book Name: The Missing Widow 
  • Authors: L.G. Davis
  • Pages: 248
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Publish Date: 18 October 2022
  • Language: English
Book Review:

The Missing Widow by L.G. Davis this book review for the missing Widow by LG Davis we get a summary that starts off a little bit different than I'm like what am I reading wait a minute 

I'm just going to read the first line of the Publisher's blurb my son Clark and I live in a beautiful cabin outside a world town somewhere nobody will find us okay 

So why is it called the missing Widow and why is she living with her son in a remote location hoping never to be found and who is she by the way all right let's just call a Zoe because that's what she calls herself in fact Clark the name of her son is what she calls him 

But that's not how it always was in fact Zoe had been married I think six years little Clark was like four years old and life was going on you know going well but her husband had cancer and as the book starts out he's pleading with her to stop his suffering 

He wants a suffering to end she wants him to get better but they're not the only players here we also have his parents and then something happens something so shocking that that sentence I read to you where nobody will find us 

If you look at the cover it says the missing Widow why did Zoe run why is she missing and what actually happened the night that her husband passed away the thing is Sophie excuse me Sophie Zoe had doubts about that night a lack of clarity about that night 

But yet she ran anyway was the fact that she ran with Clark proof of guilt of something and if it wasn't proof of guilt then why did she run in the first place now when you read this book to me it was like 

Who do you trust who can you trust and how far can you trust that person that you have to place that trust in how many times can you use the word trust in a sentence right so if we read this book then 

I would say that with you you're going to read this book almost like you're holding your breath and why do I say that because the anxiety in this book ratchets up up up up up highly highly highly riveted just post pounding anxiety why because it's kind of like yeah she had a she had a look over her shoulder as a matter of fact 

I saved a quote from this book I I'm pretty sure I did so let's go get that quote I just want to get that quote it shouldn't take me long to find it let's find that quote almost there guys 

I got it my guilt is like a suffocating blanket is that why she made yeah yeah it started with Incredible suspense and let me tell you nail biting conclusion to the very end yeah LG Davis she did it she did a great job with this book 

I'm telling you you're gonna love it you know yes it's it's sad that her husband died but it was it's psychological Thriller so what happened only way you gotta find out is if you read the book yourself 

So that's all I'm going to say about the missing Widow why did she go missing what happened find out if you read this book by Miss Davis.


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