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Swami Sivananda Books Pdf in English Download


Swami Sivananda Books Pdf

Click here to download the pdf 

Swami Sivananda Books Pdf in English Download

Details of Swami Sivananda Books

  • Book Name: Swami Sivananda 
  • Authors: Robert Siblerud 
  • Pages: 328
  • Genre: Self Help
  • Publish Date: 24 February 2013
  • Language: English
Book Review:

Swami Sivananda Books david de angelis presents thought power by swami sivananda digitally narrated using the voice of edward herrmann preface this instructive book 

carries in itself a life-transforming value none who reads it with the needed interest and attention will ever feel inclined to remain unchanged in personal nature and untransformed in conduct and character 

a good deal of careful judgment and confidence would assist us in asserting that no one who reads this work will fail to resist the readiness to make of his own will a power that alters and exalts his own life 

destiny the work is fraught with implicit guidance for turning our personalities into forces of compelling influence and charm and for rendering our lives into so many grand stories of the epic unfoldment of the divine truth 

we enshrine the divine light we bear and the divine perfection we hold in our inner being this then is a simple straightforward inspiring book that holds out many methods for the culture and nurture of thought power 

it is also a work that presents us with many useful suggestions which enable us to reach a region beyond the terrain of thought and its power a realm of transcendental experience and god consciousness helped by his own illimitable love for all humanity and dictated by 

the logic of his untiring energies for the service of every man sivananda has made himself extremely useful to all kinds of people to men in all walks of life and has written books on a rich diversity of themes 

in his own illuminating and spiritual way embodying in himself the very spirit of the whole of indian spiritual culture sivananda has poured out on mankind hundreds of gifts of the books

 that enshrine wisdom of life the present work will commend itself and will yield many rewards to both the lay public and the community of spiritual individuals it will be found very valuable more particularly by persons 

who while not believing in any religion not given over to love any god not subscribing to any article of faith are yet eager to live a life of power purity peace prosperity progress happiness and fulfillment right in the environs of their workaday world sivananda has attempted implicitly to present in 

this work a dynamic knowledge of thought power at these three distinct fields one the field of higher applied psychology here savannah speaks of thoughts as forces that chisel countenance fashion character change destiny and make of life an all-round success 2. 

the field of a full-fledged parapsychology this field is covered by those widely scattered passages and chapters in this work which throw illumination on the fact that human mind is the seat and center of a 

number of supernormal powers and factors sivananda urges the readers to tap these powers and to make operative in their own outer life the various higher faculties they command three the field of transcendental realization 

wherever sivananda prescribes a method for or speaks of thought transcendence he is attempting to lead us into the domains of divine realization in which thought ceases to be thought and blazes into infinite consciousness this 

work then represents savannah to the readers in a way as a practical psychologist a physicist and chemist in the world of the phenomena of thought a parapsychologist a yogi and thus helps them 

build their future gain their success in life and acquire the power to manipulate thought and rest from it the extraordinary powers it holds the book will also help them to attain refinement and culture by thought discipline 

use their capacity for releasing wholesome constructive and inspiring thought vibrations obtained by accomplishing something great and grand peace happiness and gain god realization which is the meaning aim and ultimate destiny of all human life on earth chapter 

1 thought power its physics and philosophy thought excels light and speed while light travels at the rate of 186 000 miles per second thoughts virtually travel in no time thought is finer than ether the medium of electricity in broadcasting a singer sings beautiful songs at calcutta you can hear them nicely through the radio set in your own house at delhi all messages are received through the wireless even

so your mind is like a wireless machine a saint with peace poise harmony and spiritual waves sends out into the world thoughts of harmony and peace they travel with lightning speed in all directions and enter the minds of persons and produce in them also similar thoughts of harmony and peace whereas 

a worldly man whose mind is full of jealousy revenge and hatred sends out discordant thoughts which enter the minds of thousands and stir in them similar thoughts of hatred and discord the medium through 

which thoughts travel if we throw a piece of stone in a tank or a pool of water it will produce a succession of concentric waves traveling all around from the affected place the light of a candle will similarly give rise to waves of ethereal vibrations traveling in all directions from the candle 

in the same manner when a thought whether good or evil crosses the mind of a person it gives rise to vibrations in the manas or mental atmosphere which travel far and wide in all directions what is the possible medium through which thoughts can travel from one mind to another the best possible 

explanation is that mana's or mine substance fills all space like ether and it serves as the vehicle for thoughts as prana is the vehicle for feeling as ether is the vehicle for heat light and electricity and as air is the vehicle for sound the ether of space registers thoughts 

you can move the world through thought force thought has great power it can be transmitted from one man to another man the powerful thoughts of great sages and rishis of yore are still recorded in the acasa at kassick records yogins who have clairvoyant vision can perceive those thought images

they can read them you are surrounded by an ocean of thought you are floating in the ocean of thought you are absorbing certain thoughts and repelling some in the thought world everyone has his own thought world thoughts are living things thoughts are living things a thought is as much solid 

as a piece of stone we may cease to be but our thoughts can never die every change in thought is accompanied by vibration of its matter mental thought is force needs a special kind of subtle matter in its working the stronger the thoughts the earlier the fructification thought is focused and given 

a particular direction and in the degree that thought is thus focused and given direction it is effective in the work it is sent out to accomplish thoughts are finer forces thought is a finer force this is supplied to us by food if you read shandoja you punished the dialogue between uttalaka and svetikitu you will understand this point well if the food is pure thought also becomes pure 

he who has pure thought speaks very powerfully and produces deep impression on the minds of the hearers by his speech he influences thousands of persons through his pure thoughts a pure thought is sharper than the edge of a razor entertain always pure sublime thoughts thought culture is 

an exact science thoughts as wireless messages those who harbor thoughts of hatred jealousy revenge and malice are verily very dangerous persons they cause unrest and ill amongst men their thoughts and feelings are like wireless messages broadcast in ether and are received by those whose minds respond 

to such vibrations thought moves with tremendous velocity those who entertain sublime and pious thoughts help others who are in their vicinity and at a distance also thoughts are tremendous powers thought has got tremendous power thought can heal diseases thoughts can transform the mentality of persons

thought can do anything it can work wonders the velocity of thought is unimaginable thought is a dynamic force it is caused by the vibrations of psychic prana or sakshma prana on the mental substance it is a force like gravitation cohesion or repulsion thought travels or moves thought 

waves and thought transference what is this world after all it is nothing but the materialization of the thought forms of hiring a garbha or god you have got waves of heat and light and electricity in science there are also thought waves in yoga thought has tremendous power 

everybody is experiencing the power of thought unconsciously to a greater or lesser degree great yogans like jananadev bartrihari and patanjali used to send and receive messages to and from distant persons through mind telepathy mental radio and thought transference telepathy was the first wireless telegraph and telephone service ever known to the 

world just as you take physical exercises play games such as tennis and cricket in order to maintain physical health you will have to maintain mental health by radiating the right thought waves by taking satwik food mental recreation of an innocent and harmless nature change of mood relaxation of mind by entertaining good ennobling and sublime thoughts and by cultivating 

the habit of cheerfulness marvels of thought vibrations every thought that you send out is a vibration which never perishes it goes on vibrating every particle of the universe and if your thoughts are noble holy and forcible they set in vibration every sympathetic mind unconsciously all people 

who are like you take the thought you have projected and in accordance with the capacity that they have they send out similar thoughts the result is that without your knowledge of the consequences of your own work you will be setting in motion great forces which will work together 

put down the lowly and mean thoughts generated by the selfish and the wicked diversity of thought vibrations every man has his own mental world his own mode of thinking his own ways of understanding things and 

his own ways of acting just as the face and voice of every man differ from those of another man the mode of thinking and understanding also differs that is the reason why misunderstanding easily occurs between friends one is not able to understand rightly the views of another hence friction 

rupture and coral occur within a minute even amongst fast friends the friendship does not last long one should be in tune with the mental vibrations or thought vibrations of another then only can one easily understand another lustful thoughts thoughts of hatred jealousy and selfishness produce distorted 

images in the mind and cause clouding of understanding perversion of intellect loss of memory and confusion in the mind conservation of thought energy in physics you have the term power of orientation though the mass of energy is there the current will not flow it must be connected

to the magnet and then the electric current will flow through the power of orientation even so the mental energy which is dissipated and misdirected in various worthless worldly thoughts should be well directed in proper spiritual channels do not store in your brain useless information learn to unmind the mind unlearn whatever has been of no use to you

then only can you fill your mind with divine thoughts you will gain new mental strength as the dissipated mental rays are collected now the cell theory and the thoughts a cell is a mass of protoplasm with a nucleus it is endowed with intelligence some cells secrete while some cells excrete the cells of the testes secrete semen the cells of the kidneys excrete urine 

some cells act the part of a soldier they defend the body from the inroads or attacks of foreign poisonous matter and germs they digest and throw them out some cells carry food materials to the tissues and organs the cells perform their work without your conscious volition their activities are controlled by the sympathetic nervous system

they are in direct communion with the mind in the brain every impulse of the mind every thought is conveyed to the cells they are greatly influenced by the varying conditions or states of the mind if there are confusion depression and other negative emotions and thoughts in the mind they are telegraphically transmitted through the nerves to every cell in the body

the soldier cells become panic stricken they are weakened they are not able to perform their function properly they become inefficient some people are extremely body conscious and possess no idea of the self they live irregular in disciplined lives and fill their stomachs with sweets pastries and 

so on there is no rest for the digestive and the eliminating organs they suffer from physical weakness and diseases the atoms molecules and cells in their bodies produce discordant or inharmonious vibrations they have no hope confidence faith serenity and cheerfulness they are unhappy the life force is 

not operating properly their vitality is at a low ebb their mind is filled with fear despair worry and anxiety primal thought and modern science thought is the greatest force on earth thought is the most powerful weapon in the armor of a yogi constructive thought transforms 

renews and builds the far-reaching possibilities of this force were most accurately developed to perfection by the ancients and put to the highest possible use for thought is the primal force at the origin and back of all creation the genesis of the entire phenomenal creation is given as a single 

thought that arose in the cosmic mind the world is the primal idea made manifest this first thought became manifest as a vibration issuing from the eternal stillness of the divine essence.


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