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Skin of the Night by Claire D. Bennett Pdf Download

Skin of the Night by Claire D. Bennett Pdf Download

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Skin of the Night by Claire D. Bennett Pdf Download 

Details of Skin of the Night by Claire D. Bennett Book

  • Book Name: Skin of the Night 
  • Authors: Claire D. Bennett
  • Pages: 476
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction
  • Publish Date: 8 May 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Skin of the Night by Claire D. Bennett this book It's like nothing like I've ever read before. And I did pick it! So good job past Cari. I got As Long As the Lemon Trees Grow. I have heard nothing but absolutely fantastic things - it's a story that takes place in Syria. It's about a pharmacy student who is just trying to live her life, she ends up volunteering at hospitals. 

She's torn with wanting to leave and be safe but also staying and, you know, loving her country and protecting her country and everything. It is apparently a love letter to Syria and its people. It is a stunning speculative debut that burns with the fires of hope, romance and possibility. 

So excited to read this as well. So yeah you can check out the list of books for October I will link everything down below. Again you can use my code Cari. But yeah I got these two but like I said Foul Lady Fortune is a choice. They've just got some great picks as always so that is Book of the Month - information in the description box, thank you as always. 

I will send you back to the past, see you then. So for the first couple of books in my September reads you can watch my four most anticipated reads of 2022 - they like all came out at the same time - in which I read The Ballad of Never After, Babel, a Venom Dark and Sweet and the Final Gambit. 

So really quickly going through them - The Ballad of Never After is one of my most anticipated reads of the year. I have talked about Caraval before. It's a Trilogy by Stephanie Garber. 

It's about this mystical island where there's this magician guy who throws this kind of game/competition and it's just a good time. And I felt it very strongly with the trilogy but Stephanie Garber's writing just gets better with every single book. And so her new series which is starting with Once Upon a Broken Heart, it takes one of the characters that was in the Caraval trilogy and and continues his story. When I tell you the writing - she just like learned how to make people yearn. 

I remember - this is so random - but I remember an interview with I think it was Tom Delonge from Blink 182 and he basically said like they were a band for so long that they just knew when they sat down to write a song, they like knew how to get emotions from the listener and so they could write a song very easily and achieve that emotion they're trying to get right? 

Stephanie knows! Like she knows!!! Questions I get a lot - do you have to read the Carval Trilogy in order to jump into Once Upon A Broken Heart? Technically no. I wouldn't recommend it. Here's the thing, if you are never gonna read Carval, you want it to be completely ruined, then yeah you can because it does talk about like one kind of key point in the trilogy and obviously like how it ends, like who ends up alive and all that stuff. 

So technically you could but one of the main characters is something called a Fate and that is something that is touched upon heavily and like built out and explained really well in the last two books of the trilogy. You might be a little bit confused. Basically there's something called the Deck of Destiny and it's kind of you can think of it as tarot cards. 

There are like eight people, eight places, and eight objects? Or something? Doesn't super matter. As far as the people go, as far as the fates, they're kind of like evil Gods? Some of them are mad and some you know - and we follow the prince of hearts. 

And Once Upon A Broken Heart starts with our main girl Evangeline having her heart broken and she goes to the Prince of Hearts as if he is a God and asks him to help her out and things just go wild from there. So Ballad of Never After follows obviously everything that happens in Once Upon a Broken Heart. 

We learn about so many layers of curses. It's one of those books that like you have to read the series again, like the details that are hidden in this learn one thing like there's a little plot twist or like a little like piece of dialogue and then it's just like a huge light bulb moment and you have to almost go back and start again and realize the symbolism that you missed. 

I mean it was, it's a book that the more that I think about it, the more that I talk to people about it - like so many of you guys in the comments in that video mention things and I was like oh my God I didn't care about this one tiny scene in which this happened but like you're so right! Oh my God! It's a big thing! 

I really enjoyed it - I mean cat's out of the bag, she did announce that it is going to be a Trilogy - or well there's gonna be a third book we don't know how many books are going to be in this series. 

But this was initially sold to me as a duology so I'm reading that book thinking it's gonna this is it, everything has to wrap up and it ends in this way that she could have ended it there and she would have been evil, like she would have been my arch nemesis for the rest of my life. 

In the middle, the action it just doesn't feel like anything's happening it's just a lot of yearning and stuff like that but once you realize certain symbolisms you realize that actually every scene, even if they didn't seem like it was pushing the action forward, it was telling us something and it's just like...Ballad of Never After - highly recommend. 


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