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One More Grave by Eva Sparks Pdf Download


One More Grave by Eva Sparks Pdf Download

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One More Grave by Eva Sparks Pdf Download

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  • Book Name: One More Grave 
  • Authors: Eva Sparks
  • Pages: 352
  • Genre: Fantasy Fiction, High fantasy, Adventure fiction, Romantic fantasy
  • Publish Date: 4 October 2022
  • Language: English
Book Review:

One More Grave by Eva Sparks this book is called We All Fall Down by Rose Szabo. I'm not sure how you pronounce that. But this book already came out. And I'm no good reads please don't do that. So this book came out in Oh, June seventh. 

And it was in the Illumicrate box, gorgeous book, gorgeous frayed edges. And so I had not heard of this book, but someone was talking about it as the Illumina crate choice, and that they went to read the reviews and the reviews are really bad right now I'm looking at it. It has 304 ratings, and it has a 2.38. 

So the main things in this book, were i The reviewers were saying the books involves violence to gay men perpetrated by white women. So I took a quote from one of the reviews and I'm going to read it for you. 

And they said "this is a book about the murder of two police officers. tiny white lesbian, Jack knows who the murderer is, her sister, set sister is trying to pin the murderer onto an eight armed monster girl in order to start up racially motivated panic amongst the citizens citizenry. 

In order to deflect suspicion from her sister who isn't great at plotting, jack points the finger at a person she 100% knows to be innocent, who David, a seven foot tall, gay black man who everyone is already terrified of by reason of his race and physical size. It'll be fine. Jack tells herself she uses her incredible privilege as a white woman to frame a stranger. 

He's a professor at the University, he must be rich and well connected and able to sort this out." So this book also takes place in the American South. And spoiler alert, I mean, I probably put that before this, but David does eventually get released from jail. 

But the reviewer said that this book ultimately paints David as the villain and Jack, the white woman as hero. And there's a bunch of reviews that have a lot of spoilery thing in it. And so you could look it up on Goodreads. 

But, um, I don't think there's a good way to explain that, like, especially a book published this year, when, while police brutality has always been a thing, but in the last, I don't know, 10 years it's gotten, we've seen it more because of you know, smartphones and Twitter, you know, social media. 

So it's, why would you think it was a good thing to write, and then did no one in the editing process, think maybe we should take this out? Maybe we should change this thing? This is Rose. So they are a white person. 

Why, why? Why. And this just goes back to publishing. And to be fair, a lot of editors and all the people who work on publishing, I don't know all the titles are overworked, because a lot of people are relieving publishing, because they have been overworked and underpaid.

And I know that they have a lot of work on their plate. So sometimes things can get missed. I'm just like, one in the first place. Why would you write this? And then I don't know how many times this goes through other people. How many people read this story, but I'm just like, someone missed this. 

That would be like, let's change the story and not try to accuse an innocent gay black man for murder when your white a white lady did it. You know, maybe not a good idea. At the end of the day, you can write what you want. Right?

Right. But that is mean you are exempt from people's critique and their criticism, their feelings about it, and I just don't, I don't think that's wise. Now. There's another book. I'm gonna come back to this book. Another book. 

I've seen more people talk about on Twitter, and it's The Ones We Burn by Rebecca Mix. So I have heard of Rebecca Mix, just because Rebecca is usually chronically online, and I have seen a lot of tweets from them on obviously on Twitter, but I don't follow them. 

But they have a book coming out in November and it's called The Ones We Burn. So this book came up and they There was a review, and then someone made a tweet about it. And so then people started talking about it. 

So this one people are saying includes reverse racism, where there are Black siblings in this book who are in power, and basically oppress the poor white people in the book. And reverse racism doesn't exist, right? Because racism is a whole, like the systematic. We don't have the power as 

Black people to be racist, like a whole system against white people. But anyway, in this book, The Black siblings have power to oppress the white people. And when reverse racism like this is basically goes along with a white replacement theory, like oh my god, they're gonna replace us really white supremacist nonsense. So once again, why did you think this was a good idea to write in a book in the good year of our lower 2022? Is it a good year? 

I don't know. But there was that review. And then also, Chloe Gong, who wrote, you know, that popular book, I can't think of what it's called, had a five star review of the book on Goodreads. And I believe she also blurbed the book, so she has a blurb on the front of the book. Once this controversy arrived, 

I think people were talking shit about Chloe Gong on Twitter as people do. And then call we deleted her review of Goodreads but hasn't said anything. So of course, people are mad about that. I think there was another author who blurb the book that people are mad at, I can't remember, 

I didn't write down their name. But then there's also been conversations where people are angry, because it's like, Well, you haven't read the book. So how do you know you're just taking the opinions from someone else? And this can be said for both books. So I originally was going to do this separately.

 Is it enough to take the word of someone before you write off a book? Because of course, what both of these books people were like, Okay, well, I no longer want to read this because this person said this thing. And to me. 

I mean, that's always You're right. There's like no rules that you have to still read this if you want to read that. And especially if the problems that are being brought up affect a certain group in the person who is giving that review and telling you these are the problems are of that group, then it's like, okay, yeah, extra, extra. This ain't good. Because there have been some instances in the past where someone's like, this book is racist, this book is something something and they're like a white person or they're not in the affected group. 

And sometimes maybe it's like, I don't really think that was what was happening. You weren't giving us the full short. So I think it you know, it's up to the person some people may be like, I'm still gonna read this because I want exactly want to know what happens. And you know, that's their right to do that. 

You can read what you want to read. But this just don't sound and another thing with of course, people being upset about the authors who blurb the book being silent. And Rebecca mix is usually very vocal on Twitter usually is on there all the time, usually very vocal on book talk, what has gone silent. 

So of course, people are like, Oh, of course, you're not now you're not responding to the what's going on, which I get. So I don't know. I just, I don't know why I'm shocked. But I'm still shocked them 2022 like themes, concepts, plots, like this are still being written. And then not caught. But really, my problem was, is when you sat down and wrote this and thought it was a good idea. 

And then no one else caught it. But really, it's with you the author. I don't know. It's not it's not good. But it doesn't sound great. So Rebecca Mix is also a white this picture is like a picture she uses. It's like a childhood picture. 

But I don't know. If you have different thoughts about those. Definitely let me know but Yikes. Okay, last thing, I think I have one last thing. My mouth is so dry, but I'm trying to finish before my battery dies recently on book talk, which I'm not really on book talk, I follow a couple of people who I just like talk to in real life on booktube. So a lot of it doesn't come on my timeline. 

But apparently, there was this guy named Chance Terry who's an audiobook narrator Thoren Bradley, who's the hot dude who's always chopping wood and little thirst traps. And then some other romance authors had been hyping up like a surprise its announcement for book talk, but really to romance readers on book talk, and then it was finally announced, and it's been a mess. 

So it was called Verba Inc. So basically, they announced an audiobook platform that is not exclusively for romance books, but it did seem to be marketed heavily towards romance readers. Anyway, it's an audiobook platform where you pay a monthly access and I think it Maybe unlimited not quite sure. 

And that was another problem they're not, it wasn't very clear in a lot of things that was going to launch this December. So of 2022. So there's three tiers for authors themselves to buy into, or to choose from. So the first tier for authors who have a published work, but no audiobook. 

The second tier is for authors who have a public popup, a published book and audio files, but it hasn't been made into audiobook. And then the third is for authors who have a story, but it's not published yet. And they all have different like contracts of exclusivity, and how long they would be hosted on Verba.

And then how long it would take for you to get the rights back. And that the author pays a flat fee. After the audio for the audio files, after certain amount of time, there was some basic information about the tiers. 

For the user, it would be $20.99 a month or if you I think there's an offer before it comes out that if you pay for a year upfront, it's only $9.99 a month. So there are already questions because like there's multiple audiobook platforms that exist. So like what makes this so different? What makes this better? 

Like why would you want to invest in this? Because another thing is they all have salad, a staff of narrators that are salaried, but they will be open to contracting with other narrators. And I get a lot of information off of Tik Tok. 

And I will link you to a video that my name is Marines who also has a YouTube channel that she did. And she was pointing out that for people who are willing to pay $20 for an audiobook service every month, they obviously want to know like, who the audio narrators are going to be and the quality because that makes a big you know big difference because people 

I mean, that's a kind of make or break for the audio book how the narrator is so I don't think they mentioned who those people would be I'm assuming since they had Thoren Bradley in there and that chants do that they probably would be some of the narrator's 

but it wasn't clear so another mess to add into this even though it was not clear they obviously had a live in a tick tock and there was some not good interactions there with the people involved versus you know creators on tick tock is that will winters was of all involved. 


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