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Hard for You by Sam Crescent Pdf Download


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Hard for You by Sam Crescent Epub Download 

Details of Hard for You by Sam Crescent Books

  • Book Name: Hard for You 
  • Authors: Sam Crescent
  • Pages: 159
  • Genre: Romance
  • Publish Date: October 11, 2022
  • Language: English
Book Review:

Hard for You by Sam Crescent this book she is sent overseas to a war zone she is deployed and there she meets briggs now briggs is he's in the infantry and he is very fun and flirty and it's clear from the bat like right off the get-go they have an attraction to each other but she loves her husband and she loves her son she loves her life but things quickly go downhill 

Like i said they are in a war zone some things happen like terrible things happen and her life is forever changed and her and briggs are put in a situation and feelings develop a lot of stuff happens they're um trigger warnings in here for like ptsd i mean like there's a lot going on in this book um it's very emotional very angsty at times i really wanted to just 

Katie but like i get it i get it but yeah this book if you want an emotional ride this is the book for you and the next book that i have to recommend to you guys is serenading heartbreak by ella fields so this is actually a brother's best friend romance as well so in 

This book we are following stevie now stevie and everett meet when everett moves in next door and he becomes friends with her older brother now everett and her older brother they start a band and their band starts getting pretty popular 

So they end up going on tour and while everett is on tour they start talking less you know he's gone all the time so they're spending less time together stevie goes off to college and there she meets aiden and she is torn between everett and aiden now this one again is pretty emotional it's pretty angsty 

Now this book i honestly i loved both of the love interests both everett and aiden and i would have been fine with either one of them had she chosen either one of them but i do think she went with the right choice for her and the next book that i have is drive by kate stewart 

So in this book we are following stella reed and nate now in the beginning of this book stella gets some news and she has to like drive back to her hometown um and she hears the song on the radio that kind of takes her back in time 

So this book is following stella as she is driving back home um and we're going kind of through her life when she falls in love with both nate and reed and at the end of the book 

When she actually gets home you find out who she has chosen and again this one is very emotional very angsty and you will not want to stop reading this book i again loved both of the love interests in here that doesn't happen very often there's usually always like a clear runner for me i'm like okay 

I like him i want you to be with him but in this one i loved them both the next book that i have it's actually a duet and i know cheyenne has this one in her video as well but i like i said it's so good i had to include it in mine as well and that is consolation by corinne michaels the second book is conviction 

So in this book we are following natalie and liam so in the beginning of book one natalie gets news that her husband is dead and so liam who is her husband's best friend he comes to kind of help her take care of the house and just make sure that she is taking care of herself natalie is also pregnant 

Her husband her and her husband were expecting their first child and we follow her throughout her grief and trying to cope with motherhood and being a single mother and so that the beginning of this book is pretty emotional and then when liam comes in it's almost like just kind of a weight is lifted off of her shoulders 

She really resists him at first she doesn't want his help because they haven't gotten along really well in the past so she does resist him but then they end up becoming really good friends and that leads to more so this one 

I can't really tell you why it is a love triangle because it's a spoiler especially for the end of this book i i think when you read it you're gonna know like okay i know that this is coming 

But i don't want to spoil that for anyone but i could not stop reading this book i had to immediately move into the second book these are so good so the next book that i have to recommend to you guys is actually the first book in a trilogy the first book in that trilogy is come undone by jessica hawkins 

So in this book we are following olivia and ben now olivia and ben are married but they both kind of want different things out of their marriage and they've been together for 

So long and they've they've kind of become complacent like they don't it's not very exciting in their marriage anymore but she still does have feelings for ben she is so olivia is at this party one night i believe it's a party 

I don't remember the specifics but she sees david from across the room and they just have immediate attraction so this one does have cheating in it as most love triangles do they have cheating in them so i feel like to like a love triangle 

You have to like cheating that's just my opinion but these books they are so over the top there is so much drama in here but you cannot stop reading them they are so addictive and like it's clear who she's going to end up with and so you're like woman just stop why are you trying to make 

It work with this other guy so olivia will drive you nuts she'll drive you nuts let me tell y'all who she does choose i freaking love him okay i don't think she deserved him at all like he was so good to her he was so good to her and he put up with so much these books are a roller coaster and i enjoyed my time

So much while reading them so the next book that i have to share with you guys it's another duet so the first book is what he doesn't know and the second book is what he always knew by candy steiner this one is also a marriage in trouble romance so we are following charlie 

Now charlie is you know she's a wife she's a kindergarten teacher she seemingly has the perfect life but she's not happy she feels very alone she is grieving and when charlie's brother's best friend and her first you know kind of love and crush reese comes back into town she starts having feelings for him again they both start working they both are working at the same school 

So they're seeing each other every day and old feelings are coming back up and this one again does have cheating in it it's very angsty candy steiner she does angst really well and it's also very emotional and you really feel for both men in this situation but you also feel for charlie because 

She's just she's in a very hard time and she's going through a lot so the last book that i have to recommend to you guys is transcend by julie ann now this is the first book in a duet the second book i'll put a picture up here i hope i'm saying it right is it epic apoc i don't know 

So in this book we are following swayze and nate and griffin so swayze she has just graduated college she's 21 years old she's still you know trying to find herself but she's got a good life and her and griffin have been together for is it a year maybe a little over a year and they have just such a good romance and then things 

Get a little twisted and convoluted when she starts working for nate now nate has a how old is morgan she's like four months old or something she's very young her mother died during childbirth so nate is left to raise his daughter on his own he is a professor and he needs help 

So swayze starts working as his nanny so i i don't really want to get into specifics with this book because it's it's very weird and i've never read a romance book quite like this before um it's i don't i'm not even gonna talk about it i think you should just read it and experience it for yourself.


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