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Daughter of Darkness by Terry Brooks Pdf Download


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Daughter of Darkness by Terry Brooks Epub Download

Details of Daughter of Darkness by Terry Brooks Books

  • Book Name: Daughter of Darkness 
  • Authors: Terry Brooks
  • Pages: 352
  • Genre: Fantasy Fiction, High fantasy, Adventure fiction, Romantic fantasy
  • Publish Date: 4 October 2022
  • Language: English
Book Review:

Daughter of Darkness by Terry Brooks this thriving thing from tolkien until george rr martin no that is not the case tolkien really set the bar so high that fantasy suffered for decades after he finished the lord of the rings the way i usually said is that it may be thriving today but in the 70s and 80s uh before the 70s and 80s rather fantasy really died with frodo is how i usually had put it it was a niche thing no one ever felt they 

were gonna be able to compare to lord of the rings so it was just kind of a dying genre and a lot of people don't realize this and here is my hot take on this whole thing terry brooks saved epic fantasy yes uh here's the thing i'm not gonna sit here and tell you that you should read shannara that it's this great groundbreaking thing and you're gonna go back and you're gonna enjoy this is not a why you should read on terry 

brooks this is looking at the man's legacy and how i feel like it's kind of lost favor over time and i just i just i just agree with it that's all so what i want to talk about here is first let me tell you how i discovered this series when i finished reading the lord of the rings as a pre-teen i just wanted more lord of the rings my brother said well there's this shinara series uh it's it's very similar 

it's how he put it to me i think that you'll like it he said it's probably actually a little bit more of an easy read which i'll get into so i picked it up and i loved it uh here's the thing i'm sure if i went back and read it now i'd probably be frustrated and be like okay this is way way too derivative of tolkien here but at the time all i wanted was more lord of the rings so i was all over 

it so this what this really helped do though is it got more people that had never really gotten into fantasy namely at the age i was in the uh or i mean i wasn't born when the first book came out i'm i'm old guys but i'm not that old here let's give me some credit but uh so when 

i read it the trilogy was complete uh it was already into the uh the next series after that by the time i discovered but i read the true original sort of scenario trilogy i read all three of them back to back-to-back loved it yes i saw similarities but i didn't care i just wanted dwarves i just wanted elves i just want all that stuff again and wizards and i got it i got exactly what 

i was looking for and again i'm not a mega fan of shinara or anything i stopped reading a couple of books into the follow-up series which i believe was heritage i've never read anything really complete past the original trilogy but yes i enjoyed it when i was young man i said i was going to reread it when this edition came out and i got the hardcover and i just i never did 

i never went back to it i was like i feel like if i go back to it now i'm just going to hate read it and just sit there and pick at it because i am a big time tolkien honk i'm not going to deny that so i'm sure now i probably way more critical of it and again this isn't defending that series what 

i am defending is the what terry brooks did for this genre and in my opinion he took it from life support and made it a thing again and let's talk about why i see him really just disrespected so much by the fancy community as a you know a tolkien hack and things like that and it just it bothers me it really does because elephant in the room yes that original trilogy is extremely derivative of tolkien's work i mean almost to the point where it is play-by-play 

i think that that was the goal i mean the publisher del rey actually said that they wanted to have a more marketable and approachable version of lord of the rings yes it doesn't even hide it it was very much trying to be token for a new generation and it was welcome for all ages it didn't really matter 

but it really got that younger demo who now are old enough to be published fantasy authors and will always say how shinara was something that greatly influenced it every bit as much as tolkien did so uh again it isn't going to hold a candle to to tolkien or anything like that but again 

you have to understand where the genre was when he wrote this story no one wanted anything unless it was tolkien so the fact that he was able to prove that there was a hunger for epic fantasy and that epic fantasy without the name jrr tolkien on it would sell to a great big mass audience that's 

what he was able to achieve and like i said i i read it as a preteen i didn't even care that was paint by numbers of lord of the rings i was all four and i can see that's why a lot of people probably older than me at the time probably read it and said you know what it brings back that nostalgia that 

i had for lord of the rings when i read it as a young man so i can see that kind of being like just something reminding audiences about what they loved about the genre in the first place uh but i think why it was so important like 

i said is because it proved that fantasy would sell if it didn't have the name token and i still contest to this day we do not get wheel of time if this series never happens because again and then even up to 1990 you were not getting published as a fantasy author unless it was reminiscent of tolkien that is a fact i don't think you can really fight that uh there were things uh that 

were popular but again a lot of these things really were either derivative of tolkien or like just basically very much in the same vein but i mean after shorter scenario came out 125 000 sold in its first month only tolkien had put up numbers like that at that point and he sold 25 million book cents yes 

i know he's put out about a million books so it feels like that number might be inflated but again authors weren't selling very well in fantasy and no one was even wanting to sign them because they thought it's a dying genre no one wants to read this anymore but i think it only proved that modern audiences 

not only that they would uh read new fantasy but they were open to reading new ideas and that's why i feel like okay jordan got real time out and yes it felt very much like an homage to tolkien just like every other fantasy elder but he had the courage to take that left turn with the great hunt and make the series his own thing and it was the first fantasy

i felt like didn't feel like lord of the rings in that generation so uh but again i feel like it has it aged the best no probably not i haven't revisited it yet i just think about it what i remember as a young man reading it oh yeah that's just like gandalf oh yeah that's just like gimli 

i remember these things feeling like that while i read it and i'm sure now reading today would probably be as frustrating as much as it would be just amusing to just be like wow did he really just replace the names on some of these so again i'm not here to tell you that this is an amazing series original and you got to read it but it doesn't take away 

the importance of this series keeping the genre alive at its darkest hour you know thomas covenant was published around the same time and it wasn't selling as well because it was pretty much you know the adult version of that but interest in the genre ramped up and then thomas covenant took off i'm not saying it's because of shannara i just feel like it got more eyes on that and 

i can't attest to it guys i haven't read thomas covenant yes it is very very highly highly requested and it'll happen someday it'll happen someday uh but uh you know uh who else we had uh what eddings got popular after this feist got popular after this catherine kerr got popular after this 

so it really ushered in that next wave of fantasy and it really helped to keep the genre going and it had took some time you know like another decade before people were able to take it away from tokenesque kind of themes but you know we finally got there and that's where we are today 

so uh brooks he obviously he was inspired by talk but he's also listed uh walter scott sir um arthur conan doyle alexander dumas all kinds of influences and when you really look at it i think that you can see those influences in there but sure the one thing you're going to feel like is oh this is paid 

by numbers of lord of the rings and i i can't really deny that but i think why this series clicked so well with younger readers when it happened is just because it felt more accessible to them i'm as big a tolkien hunk that you're going to find and even i will admit that sometimes lord of the rings it can be 

a dry read even as an adult you can get up there and be like this isn't really clicking with me that's why i feel like a lot of modern fantasy readers they go back and they read lovecraft they read robert e howard they read tolkien and they say i just can't read it because they're not used to that style of 

prose and they can't really get through to it brooks made it accessible for longtime fans and for younger fans because yes i read the hobbit and lord of the rings as a young man but then when i read shannara i said well this is just like a more streamlined version this is you know more of a page turner by no means did that mean it was better i just say as a young man 

i appreciated that it didn't feel like as heavy of an investment so i see why it clicked with those new audiences like it did and i feel like now that uh you know brooks is accused of being a paycheck author that he mails it in quite a lot i can't attest to this because like i said i haven't continued to read the shinara series i'm too scared to go back i'd like to kind of leave 

it in my nostalgic memories of really enjoying it because i feel like if i went through it now especially running a booktube channel where you basically put on the critic goggles and you get really really nitpicky with these things yeah all i would do is just kind of shred it apart so again this 

isn't why you should read this isn't me telling you you need to pick up china shinara and read it uh it's just i'm saying that i feel like terry brooks he needs some respect put on that name because he really has just become a punch line for the fantasy community and i disagree with

it the man deserves our love and respect because a lot of those series that you love today probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him and yes i will die on that hill i mean i think he deserves a higher legacy than this he really really should be more well recognized and i feel like if you talk 

to a lot of the popular fantasy authors today like sanderson people like that they're going to tell you yeah of course of course terry brooks was an influence they're never going to say that oh yeah he's a hack right like you get you get some of the more opinionated fantasy authors that you know you know who they are they'll probably say really shitty things because

they would they like some high fives on twitter and stuff like that from people who really criticize this man all the time i really believe that none of them actually read it that's just kind of falling in line you know with everyone everyone else has said i always say pick up the things read them decide for yourself but again i think if you're in your your late 20s to you know early

 40s you're probably that's when you're you become really highly critical of everything spoiler alert guys you become highly critical of everything the order that you get i think for sure you'd go with this and you'd read it and you'd be like this is this is hot garbage or whatever again what

i'm trying to analyze here is the man's legacy he deserves a really really high place in the fantasy community in my opinion for keeping the genre going when it was basically dead if you've read it recently sure 

let me know what you think because i know that there are some people on the discord that said they're going to read it for the first time and they're uh you know not quite so young let's put it there and i'm interested to see what they think about it i was planning to go back later this year 

read some headings for the first time i never read eddie's uh the uh the bulgarian and a lot of people said you know i feel like that's something you kind of had to read when you were younger some people said that kind of a feist that's how i usually describe scenarios so i'll be interested to see how it feels.


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