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Bittersweet by Susan Cain Pdf Download


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Bittersweet by Susan Cain Pdf Download

Details of Bittersweet by Susan Cain Book

  • Book Name: Bittersweet
  • Authors: Susan Cain
  • Pages: 336
  • Genre: Self Help
  • Publish Date: Apr 5, 2022
  • Language: English
Book Review:

Bittersweet by Susan Cain this book Susan Cain has another book called quiet about the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking in certain aspects of that book were unnecessary to me and just not very impressive as a result but she's the type of author 

I would still definitely give a second chance in admiration of her storytelling ability and diligence she has this tendency to lean toward how Society has shamed or looked down upon introverts or people who seem sad or depressed from the outside which 

I think is more people now than maybe ever okay that's maybe a heavy way to put it but just how we believe it or not I'm definitely one of them have been trained sort of not to embrace it it shows us 

how to acknowledge pain through ART and expression the idea of transforming pain into Beauty creation transcend minutes and love is the heart of this book why does creativity tend to be associated with longing and sorrow and Transcendence how do 

we cope with lost love how do we live and work in an environment of enforced positivity when it seems like there's not really anything else to write about or Draw about or anything like that decades later 

this book is the author's answer to this question and more the intro vaguely reminded me of brene brown her book Atlas of the heart explores I think 87 different human emotions believe it or not we actually have that many and bittersweetness and yearning were definitely definitely on that list so in this video 

I'm going to go over my thoughts on the book different things I liked about it maybe disliked about it things that surprised me and just so you guys know there are affiliate links in the description if you guys buy anything through those links like maybe this book 

I really did admire about quiet every chapter focuses primarily on a story that exemplifies its Point kind of like what Malcolm Gladwell is known for oh my gosh nowadays I'm just mentioning Malcolm Gladwell in every review but Kane has she's clearly and and quite impressively put her own take on this the chapters Focus around one main story 

but there are these little in commercials in between going over studies that back up the validity of the stories and to me it's really cool how she does this please please please for the mother of goodness and Earth and more let this be better than quiet please this first chapter talked about doc dark hair Dodger Keltner a psychologist 

who works for Pixar Strangers think Pixar has psychologists working for them but you know when you get to that scale he turns out to have had a huge massive impact on the movie Inside Out it's an astonishing movie let me tell you and the casting but this is an Inside Out movie review 

nonetheless it's interesting how despite this focus on happiness in the work Keltner attaches so much of his personality to an appreciation he's always had from a young age for the emotion of melancholy chapter two is why do we long for perfect and unconditional love and what does this have to do with our love of sad songs rainy days or even the Divine 

the award for longest chapter name in the history of history is for 500 points here is one part of this chapter that stood out it's just so profound to me for some reason do you know when you see a man and you're just not sure whether you want to get in his pants or you want to cry not because 

you can't have it maybe you can but you see something in him beyond having you can't screw your way into to it any more than you can get at the golden eggs by slitting the goose so you want to cry not like a child 

but like an exile who's reminded of his homeland it seems so much of bitter sweetness comes from longing and yearning and so much of those has to do with home and what you're familiar with that no longer is chapter 3 is creativity associated with sorrow longing and Transcendence anybody else also kind of getting 

this whole grenade Brown Vibe I'm talking about also these parts weren't written in but is anybody else starting to notice that all these chapter names are just questions the way in which Kane swung from attaching bittersweetness to love to creativity gave me this distinct impression that she's really tapped into something that may have been here with us for so long that 

we never really seem to question it or notice it this book is just something I love about it is that it's not just like here guys this is why you should be sad we have enough of that nowadays but like what if we took pain 

we couldn't just seem to get rid of and turned it into something else this is why many writers authors musicians artists Etc associate their work it's almost like falling in love all over again without falling in love all over again here's another part that stood out 

I found that he drew especially from the Kabbalah the mystical version of Judaism that teaches that all of creation was a vessel once filled with Holy Light but it shattered and now the shards of divinity are scattered around us kind of like how Eckhart Tolle would king uses religion and spirituality across multiple different belief systems as examples to show that 

there's something much deeper going on here when your beliefs are different from another person's she discusses the origin of the word sacrifice and why its meaning is associated with ceremonies from Passover and Easter to the Pagan oil festival and Christmas to the Chinese Moon Festival and the Japanese Buddhist hecon hecon hecken celebration chapter four

how should we cope with gloss love I really like in this chapter when she discussed wounded healers the daughter of a woman killed on the highway founds Mothers Against Drunk Driving a nine-year-old whose father dies of cancer grows up to be a grief counselor the Survivor of a mass shooting starts a gun control organization 

by the way the story about the author's mother's experience with Alzheimer's that was pretty touching chapter 5 how did a nation found it on so much heartache turn into a culture of normative Smiles the more of the chapters 

I got through the more it became clear to me that perhaps this book really discusses how we make as a mentor of mine puts it salad out of chicken poo not just that but also the role in life played by the dance between positive and negative thinking it seems they do really have a powerful unseen relationship with each other chapter six is 

how can we transcend enforced positivity in the workplace and Beyond we're encouraged by expressive writing in this chapter for example the sea or misfortune's not his flaws that limit our that's what the seeds of our growth you don't enjoy your misfortunes but you learn to live with Insight if you're having a great day just write something that elevates you why write what's wrong on a terrible day and how it makes you feel and why 

but what matters is what you write but what matters is that you write chapter seven is should we try to live forever something I disliked about quiet is that I felt like it this disproportionately focused more on the disempowerment of extroverts than the empowerment of introverts maybe not weigh more but just more than

it should but to talk and to talk about a feeling now to talk about a feeling is something else entirely and I wouldn't expect Kane to approach this with the same degree of one person's loss as another person's gain you know she lost her brother in April 2020 and her father later in the same year might add both from the same cause 

I didn't write what that cause was um so I don't remember it but I have a feeling that I could probably guess pretty accurately what it was don't mind me I'm just laughing at my inability to remember things because it's really really bad chapter 8 is should we try to get over grief and impermanence the further 

I got into it though the more I was like is this chapter really even necessary really though like what is what is bitter sweetness have to do with grief What specifically again I mean like it's a nice chapter it was very focused but it seems disproportionately more focused on Grief and impermanence than on their relevance to Bitter sweetness it's like the further you get into the book you're like okay this isn't bad information 

but like and lastly chapter nine do we inherit the pain of our parents and ancestors and if so can we transform it Generations later this is like okay like this is where like where like she was kind of overextending herself maybe a little like like did she really have to do this no did she get away with it I mean do a lot of people probably because this was 

I mean you have to admit it was a very interesting one going over studies and stories might add that uh that study and story ratio Susan is very on point behind the science of nature versus nurture in the eyes of pain and suffering and hurt quotes there is a crack in everything that's 

where the light comes in as is true with most careers fueled by a burning question the idea of research as a research immortality is the real goal of all heroes Journeys Star Wars and the Odyssey are just sublimated versions of the age-old desire to live forever Direction one I recommend 

this book for anyone who wonders why they are or are not able to find the good in what hurts Direction two if you like this book definitely give atlas of the heart a chance Bittersweet by Susan Kane there's a link in the description if you guys want to check it out and read the reviews that and all the other books.


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