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Addicted To You by Krista Ritchie PDF Download

 Addicted to you pdf Download

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Addicted To You by Krista Ritchie PDF Download

Details About Addicted To You by Krista Ritchie PDF

  • Book Name: Addicted To You
  • Author: Krista Ritchie
  • Genre: Billionaire Romance, Contemporary Romance
  • Pages: 362
  • Publish Date: 28 September 2020
  • Language: English 
Book Review:

Addicted To You by Krista Ritchie if i should keep going this book will have semi spoilers because i just feel like everyone has heard and or talked about this book and i just wanted to see if it was up to the height because you know i am on the hunt for some of the best of the best books this book is about lily and lo and they are in a fake relationship with each other 

they have been friends for a lot of years growing up but what their family does not know is that low basically is an alcoholic and lily is a addict and from what i believe they have just been using their story as uh being in a relationship as a way to enable and cover up the fact that their addictions benefit each other 

so while low is an alcoholic he has one of those addictions where it's like you can see the effects that it has on the body and his is a little bit more dangerous in the fact that he can only drink so much before it gets dangerous and lily is just doesn't go a day without having and i don't want to downplay her addiction because it literally stops her and consumes her 

so much that she has broken away from her family barely sees them can't keep promises will be in class watching porn or at her sister's event and needing to leave because the urge to like have an orgasm is stronger than her being present in her relationships but my thing with the two of them is that their addictions benefit each other it's a reason why 

they don't tell each other why they have the addictions they have to the very end of this book and i'm not the type of person that likes to blame someone else for someone else's addiction lo is 100 responsible for his addiction just as lily is 100 responsible for her addictions are there factors and things and people that play into her absolutely 

but lily isn't responsible for lowe's addiction but her feeling bad wasn't enough reason for her to want to stop him or even acknowledge the fact that this okay this is a problem because as long as he drinks they're able to have a system and the system is she goes out multiple nights a week with different kinds of guys he doesn't question it and every time that he goes out she is responsible for making sure that he gets home safe they have a well-oiled system 

if he was to break outside of said system then she would have to confront her addiction as well so as long it didn't matter what happened to him at the end of the night as long as she got to play her role and she still got to get her orgasm it didn't really matter to him it is like in that situation because she is the sober person in the situation 

there is a little bit more accountability on her part because most of the time when she's fueling her addiction before they actually got together she was on her own and it just made me realize that lily was a whole lot of selfish in this book again she's not responsible but she is selfish for the role that she played 

i was just like my problem with this book is that as the story progresses they go from fake dating to real dating and it's so hard to watch two people who are very much consumed by their addictions try and make it seem like oh if we get together i'll tone down my addiction a little bit 

i'll my focus will go on to you and it'll help fix us and we don't really have to talk about it it was very naive of them but it was also really hard to watch because it's like y'all don't need to be together you need help of course there were some insecurities because it was lo was always wondering 

if i can't give in to her desires is she going to cheat on me and it was always at the back of his mind and sometimes in their arguments because when he gets drunk we have to talk about the fact that he gets angry he gets mean and i'm not just talking about the scene where he drinks those other people's alcohol and they're about to get into an actual fistification in the backyard 

but even it was like some scenes before that when they were at the club he would just like his words would be so harsh towards her and lily did not deserve that because he is suffering with a whole lot of issues with daddy issues with mommy issues with self-worth issues not feeling like 

he's in the right place in life was not a good enough reason to take it out on lily so i'm not saying lily is all to blame here because he's terrible as well in the book she says being in a real relationship was supposed to fix the kinks in our lives it should have made our problems easier we no longer have to be tan we can be ourselves we're free from one lie isn't this the part where our love overcomes our addictions where our problems magically saw from

a kiss and a promise no one told me you can love someone and still be miserable and it was just like so naive of them to really think that if she can put all her focus on just having with him her addictions those thoughts in her back of her head and stuff would just go away no or that 

he would tone down his drinking instead of drinking like whiskey straight from the bottle with an ice cube he would go to beers and it was just like no and then not only that their whole personalities were their addictions they brought nothing else to the relationship besides their addictions 

how did y'all expect to this being a healthy relationship and it's you also cannot sail me on the idea that they're soul mates that's disgusting that's disgusting that's what i don't like that people just like they're always meant to be it was no one else but you how are they soul mates so you telling me addicts can be soulmates absolutely not because the only thing 

you're consumed with is the thing that's controlling you you don't have anything else to give to that relationship you can't even show up for your family but you're going to everyday soul mates that's disgusting that that's absolutely disgusting and so not only was it nothing about their relationship romantic any time something around smut or came up i was so uncomfortable 

i would skip over scenes where they start to get into it with each other because i couldn't like what is this him fueling her addiction absolutely not this was not really 100 consensual relationship between two people in a relationship let's not fool ourselves this was him fueling her desire because if it didn't if he didn't fulfill it he was scared that she was gonna go get it

by someone else okay that's enough of the stuff i didn't like let's talk about what i did like because this book really got good after we were introduced to connor connor is this very smart self-absorbed he has very high esteem of himself he's and then he becomes lily's tutor and i feel like even though he had this like very pompous attitude he was a breath of fresh air to breaking up the monotony of them fueling each other's addictions okay 

i can't wait to read about connor and rose i just from the brief stuff we got from this book i think i'm going to be really excited about seeing their relationship because i did like how he even aft at her like runway show or whatever it was where lily couldn't even sit through that and her and lo dipped out and he went and lily wants to go talk to rose and he protected her and he was like absolutely not i was just like oh this is good

i am excited about them and then when we met reich and we met right at the party because he saved connor lilly and lo from getting beat up and then i thought it was weird that he just like jumped in with their crew from people who like had no friends to like her openly accepting right aggressive she did owe him but it was just strange how invested he was in lowe's health granted 

i'm glad that he was because had it not been for right no one would have said anything i think conor would have just went with the flow and maybe said something to rose but reich was the one who went to lily not knowing that she was struggling with an addiction herself to be like are you just okay with this with him drinking himself to death like 

this are you not going to say anything and i was just like it it like sort of teetered on the line of him blaming her but it was enough to like get it going because had it not been for right nothing would have happened 

i'm just like thank god and then we learned at the end why he was so invested because he's actually lowe's brother and i was like that makes so much sense and like uncovering and figuring that out was so much fun to read like i'm telling you once 

we meet conor everything picks up from there because there we have new characters we have new story lines we have new opinions their addictions ramp up and all of that was good but i do think this book does a good job of talking about the complexities the harsh reality the denial the frustration the anger that comes with being addicted to something and watching someone deal with that and hiding the secrets and family finding out and how they responded 

so i really really enjoyed this even though some things really frustrated me and i was really disgusted by their relationship and really turned off by the in the way they were fueling each other and the alcohol

i would love to see what their relationship looks like as two new healed people without it being just because we have history their relationship worked because they had history and i guess that's why people really go up for lilo because i'm like other than that this is not a couple that 

i think highly about but my rating of this book i go back and forth because this was enjoyable not the best but enjoyable so i give it a solid four-star rating not like a high four star this is like a low four star.


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