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We Were Liars by E. Lockhart Pdf Download


We Were Liars Book Pdf Download

Click here to download the pdf 

We Were Liars Book Pdf Download

Details of We Were Liars by E. Lockhart Book

  • Book Name: We Were Liars 
  • Authors: E. Lockhart
  • Pages: 256 
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publish Date: 13 May 2014
  • Language: English


We Were Liars by E. Lockhart this book is to not know anything about it like literally nothing like that's how I went into it I knew it was a contemporary and then it was about four teenagers and that's all 

I know and I like that I went into it like that because usually I'm a bit of a I try to figure out information and try to forget all about the series and stuff but I kept hearing hearing like don't go into this knowing anything don't go this knowing anything I'm going to suggest the same thing to you it's not it's to go into the spoke without knowing anything so basically if you haven't read this book 

I will read you at the back and that is all I'm gonna tell you about it pretty much the back says we are sinclair's no one is Nene no one is wrong we live at least in the summer time on a private island off the coast of Massachusetts 

I hope we see that wrong apologize perhaps that is all you need to know except that some of us are liars and that's all that's on the back and that's all I'm gonna tell you now before I delve into the spoiler section in this book I'm gonna give you my overall thoughts 

I will say I liked this book it was not a disappointment for me at all I just say I didn't insanely love it I think this is the type of book that is gonna stick with you after you're done no matter if you liked it or if you hated it or you loved it no matter what I think it's gonna stick with you you're gonna think about it the next day and the next day and the next day 

I started this book literally last night around five o'clock and I finished it around ten I will say I read it off and on because this book is fairly small it's like two hundred and twelve pages so I was like I really want to read this book through um um in one day because I knew 

I could and I wanted to push to do it and I did and so I finished it last night and I've literally have not stopped thinking about it since I finished it like like it's weird it's crazy so this book will stick with you trust me on that and also without the writing side really like the writing style was very different if it had you guessing 

I really liked it and I also will say about this book is I think this could be a phenomenal movie honestly you know sometimes when you read books and after you're done you're like wow this could be a great movie this could be a great movie 

I'm not going to what type of movie it would because that would be spoiling it but I'll show you later on if you've already read it but um yeah so overall if you have not read it I say it is worth a read like I said I didn't love it but I liked it but it's gonna stick with me forever 

I know that I could just tell with that so if you haven't write it I definitely I'd say greedy I made actually 212 pages you can do that reading I think I would give it a three and a half maybe four stars 

I'm on the fence about it like I'm on the fence like I liked it I didn't love it so that's why I'm like I don't want to give it a 4 star so I think I'm comfortable with a three and a half range so for the ton schooler so if you have not read

I don't want to spoil you on it because if you go if you read this book spoil it's just gonna ruin it for you honestly I'm just being real so if you haven't read it goodbye but if you have read it let's stick around and talk about it beginning in the book we have these really cool office which 

I do the actual book jacket because you get this cool thing and if you pray can't see and then you get this nice little focus effect good forget this little map of the island that they're on and then the next page you'd get the family tree which as you can see I've had tab because as they get in this book there were 

So many characters I'm like for you for you wait you're this daughter you're this fun Oh beginning this book you're greeted with any character Kate and you can tell cadence immediately is not a reliable person like you like it's almost like if you read the book Mara Dyer where you you have to you really have to think about reading it if that makes any sense like when you read my grandmother 

I'm like is this real or is this not real like what is this in her head you know and that's the same way with this book honestly so as kids the whole time I was like I don't know like she was so not wishy-washy but crazy I got this 

I couldn't tell the first thing that hinted to me her kids not being like reliable or like a uneasy person was on page five that's right a page five because she's talking about her dad how he leaves and then she says her dad gets in the car and then put on a handgun and shot me in the chest I was standing on the lawn 

I fell the bullet hole opened wide and my heart rolled out of my ribcage and down into a flower bed blood gushed rhythmically from my open wound then from my eyes that from my ears them from my mouth and then she talks about how her mom after that go pack up and some of that 

I had to read that like literally five times I was like what the crap like it definitely happened or is this like metaphorically and it was metaphorically if I'm if that's the right term I hope that is I college 

I this is not it's metaphorically so throughout the whole book Canaan's is saying stuff like it feels like a knife being stabbed in her chest that she can't breathe that feels like a trucks being rolled over her head and it happens every day and you're just like holy crap like who are you freaking cadence who are you and throughout this whole book you're questioning that then you meet the other liars who are gaps 

I  think that's how you say his name Johnny and near myrin Louisville and Bruno's maverick and you just learn that they're from this really really rich family oh is this I every summer where all the cousins and the aunts get together and you really learn how this family is very greedy and wealthy and it's all about inheritance because after the grandma dies don't start fighting and all this stuff so when 

I started this book I couldn't put it down for the sheer mystery of it like I was like I have to read the end of this tonight because I need to know what happens now I will say I did kind of guess the ending which

I'm surprised because sometimes a lot of them they don't do that now when I first started it I was like somebody's dead I didn't know who was dead but I was like somebody's dead I just I know it 

I know this already and I didn't know that they were dead the whole time I didn't know like you know that that stuff I just figured that someone was dead I would have never guessed that all three of them were dead never guessed it and then after you finish reading it you think how could 

I miss that how could I miss that they were dead the whole time like how did I miss that and it's just it's mind-boggling I think even Lockhart didn't amazing with the mystery of this book because I did not guess I guess someone was that didn't guess all three of you were dead would have never guessed characters I did not connect with any of the characters

I think maybe that's author made me had that written maybe she want to keep it short and sweet mystery folds and just left you with BAM and ink and everything the character so I'm gonna be honest when I figured out they were dead I wasn't like I was sad I was like what the crap honestly um but I think I was more sad about the dogs dying if 

I'm being 100% honest because I'm just a really big dog lover and when I thought when I heard that the dog died I was like oh my gosh like I almost started to cry because I have a dog and she is literally my like my first child um but anyway off-topic 

so like I said I couldn't really connect within the characters they were all just very aloof know just kind of distant you know it's like this whole book is about cadence but even after finishing this book 

I feel like I know nothing about canons other than that her and her whole cousins have teeth everything bottled up inside you know don't show your true feelings don't cry suck it up like be strong suffer in silence you know that was thought that should be the motto of the Sinclair family is suffer in silence you know don't show your real self and it's just yeah well 

I think when I read the ending I think everyone probably has to like reread the last 10 pages because I'm gonna be honest and I forgive me for my language the first thing I said after finishing this book was what the hell did I just read that is literally the first thing

I said and I yeah I don't know the things I like about this book is the shortness of it the abrupt ending the feeling that made you the ending in the book that made you feel like you questioned everything in your life I liked that because I don't get to I don't read a lot of mystery type of books and I don't know why 

I mean that's just not my genre but I did love the mystery aspect of this and like I said this would be a great movie I think it's short and sweet and I think it's one of those mystery movies that are gonna lead people like how did I miss that how did I miss that because that's exactly what I thought what I finished it 

I was like how did I not see it if the emails the no direct conversation on the 17th summer like between the aunts and and the kids like they never should have dinner all that kind of stuff and with Mira being sick 

I thought that she was just gonna die honestly I was like that must be what happens she just dies or maybe she's pregnant or maybe something like that never would have guessed the fire would it ever gets through all three dead the whole time and they were just you know in her conscience trying to help her remember and yeah like 

I will say this is a book that's going to stick with me for a while so props to Yui lock her I thought the writing was amazing the mystery was really good stick by my 3.5 so I definitely since I was glad I'm glad I read this honestly if the mystery was awesome and yeah I would love to see this be a movie.

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