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The Library of Lost Things by Laura Taylor Namey PDF Download


The Library of Lost Things by Laura Taylor Namey

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The Library of Lost Things by Laura Taylor Namey PDF Download

Details of The Library of Lost Things by Laura Taylor Namey Book

  • Book Name: The Library of Lost Things  
  • Authors: Laura Taylor Namey
  • Pages: 306
  • Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Romantic fantasy
  • Publish Date: 24 September 2019
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Library of Lost Things by Laura Taylor Namey so this book is about Darcy Wells and she is also 18 years old she lives in California with her mother who was a hoarder and she's actually kind of like Darcy even says that she's kind of lucky what they're kind of hoarding her mother has she's like a compulsive shopper and she just won't get rid of anything and at the same time 

Darcy is basically she's not necessarily they suggested I'm a photographic memory but when she reads a book she can basically remember it almost word-for-word and she has a very in-depth library of books 

that she has saved in her room which is the only clean space in the area and she works at a book store and there is construction going on across the street and one of the boys working in the construction is ash her fleet 

who went to school with Darcy and he graduated the year before and he had been in a really bad accident and so he wasn't able to go in appleĆ­s and he had really bad migraines and he had to have like his knee replaced 

so he starts spending his breaks at the bookstore with Darcy and they kind of like connect and it kind of goes from there and he was a pilot and he's not allowed to fly until he has eight days without a migraine and so but he's got a girlfriend but then like Darcy honey gets like like they're flirting 

I was gonna go that's basically it right seven days but is it 7 News Oh cuz in the book he's like this is there right yeah I can't remember so I only know that because I finish reading the stuff last night yeah 

so I liked parts of this book but other parts of this book gave me pie okay so I guess like thinking back on it I think what it is is there wasn't enough drama for me right well it kind of doesn't feel like a lot happened like at all kind of falls wet like it could be there but then it falls flat well 

it's like a realistic fiction book but it's sure I mean it's trying to be a like a teen romance and like the romance is kind of like it just kind of happens I mean like a sure blame blames himself his father blames him for the accident that he was in never well they address it but like you're like 

I mean like that's that's it that's what's like Scott you so torn up inside what that's it well and I guess that sounds terrible though like I mean it's his own personal struggle and you're allowed to feel as deeply a break emotional 

as you want but like I don't know it was just kind of oh well in like this is kind of a spoiler but she starts selling stuff from her mother's hoard which is really bad like like taking stuff from a hoarder can cause him to be hospitalized because 

of like a mental breakdown and like I feel like when it all comes to a head they're just like and we're living them everything's like and moving on and it was just like there was like heard a dad had abandoned her and that's just like it's almost it's almost like it was gonna sound horrible 

it's almost like a realistic fiction a regular teen realistic fiction book on a mood stabiliser where everything's just evened out it's like it's a big tumble the highs and lows away and I feel like that's an appropriate thing because about mental illness and I have never seen hoarding described like that and 

I only took only took one I'd normal psych class so I can't say if it's accurate but it didn't fit what people usually think and maybe I mean you can have a typical everything so it's possible but I just like I know Hawaii tonight 

I didn't get me no point was I like I love this book and I and it's a book about books but even like have a like the woma like and the book says she was talking about are more there I mean I guess I don't believe that 

she's read all the books that she's talking about like she acts like she knows about all this these books in the bookstore from contemporary to classic to set it up but she's only ever reading like the Peter Pan book when is she reading all those other books I don't know that's my question 

cuz it is hard enough for me to read four books in two weeks so if you're ready to pan all the time right what are you reading these other books well and this feels like it's chemists their second son worked as a spoiler but there's a part where Darcy's talking about spoiling this book 

I'm sorry but when Darcy is talking about for reading books and keeping books she's hoarding things and then and I guess that you can use that to hide yourself does it strike a good chord with me right and she's talking about how well she's in high school and she's reading all this and she's hiding from the world 

I'm thinking well and she's hoarding words - I'm like the average kid that picks this book up it's gonna be a reader and you're saying it's bad and like we spend all day begging kids to read so that I remember 

I read that and I was like well she's calling herself a hoarder but I think I think really what it is is the potential is there right and like if the potential had always been there for her mother and her family members because they talked about how they thought the family used to collect things and the mother used to collect things but then kind of 

when she had a mental breakdown that's when it turned into her coping mechanism was hoarding so the main character isn't currently a hoarder she just has the potential to become that way but she's talking about how she's hoarding I I just well and my other thing though was 

it was the photographic memory that didn't sit well with me because it just felt so convenient it didn't feel valuable it felt Commedia she said she didn't have a photographic memory that she was just reading these things over and over again and she remembered them 

but when she was supposed to have started reading at 3 they said but when is she reading all these things when is she learning all these vocabulary words like she's talking about vocabulary words that I've never seen before she knows the definitions 

I don't when is that happening it's not like she's studying SAT words and it's not and the only book that she ever talks about reading is Looking for Alaska and Peter Pan and Sylvester and the magic pebble like you're not finding those words in those books well then like also she's talking about reading Looking for Alaska and her classmates don't know what it is 

I'm like not one person are sane a day so I don't know I did like so there was a whole storyline about how a share was a pilot and he had his pilot's license I liked that I actually kind of wish that we'd visited that more there's actually um Asher was it good Asher but I sure wasn't like enough and 

I was kind of interested in the bookstore owner and then his ex-wife the way I'd like their dynamic what's a Darcy just didn't pop on the page um I just lost her name, Eccles 

she has a book about Jennifer Jennifer Ackles has a book about pilots but teen teen pilots and that was really good and it's a really good romance.

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