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The cruel prince pdf download


The cruel prince pdf download

Click here to download the pdf

The cruel prince pdf download

  • Book Name: The cruel prince 
  • Authors: Holly Black
  • Pages: 384
  • Genre: Fantasy 
  • Publish Date: 02 January 2018
  • Language: English

Book Review 

The cruel prince by holly black oh my god this was one of my most anticipated books of the year and I'm happy to say 

This by many of you can probably some eyes from the title is a very dark why a face-centred story we follow our main character Jude when the very beginning of the story witnessed her mother's first husband come to murder her parents and then she gets whisked away with her two sisters to fairyland 

There as a human she's mistreated she's considered an outcast she's considered weak she's constantly bullied looking over her shoulder to make sure people aren't just trying to kill her for the fun of it

Fairyland is obviously full of beautiful but cruel creatures who are only really interested in politics and keeping themselves entertained and their long everlasting life 

Jude herself has a twin sister Taryn Jude passes her time basically practising sword and strategy to hopefully allow herself to gain the power that she feels like she's lacked her entire life growing up here 

Additionally, Jude has a nemesis one of the princes of the king whose name is Cardin they despise each other they have a rivalry and they both seek to basically make both of their lives as miserable as possible 

However, once the high king decides that it's time for him to step down a whole bunch of politics and twists and turns start to occur that dude and I the reader were not expecting 

It was an incredible story on so many different levels I mean the first level just liked a blanket statement this was highly entertaining 

I mean holly blacks writing was not just lyrical but it just sucks you in completely I mean her descriptions of the surroundings and the people and how she describes these lush forests just keep you turning the page 

I have a soft spot for fae centred novels but what I appreciated about this I feel that she added new elements to the plot and story that I don't really get to see which I liked 

Normally when we have a human perspective and a flat landscape they're isolated in some sort of castle they try to keep interactions with another fae very limited 

But because Jude was taken there by her mother's first husband who was facing she's kind of forced to partake in society because it has an expectation she has to go to school we follow her going to school with her twin sister who is also human 

We follow her kind of struggle to make strides and to fit in where she can and it just adds a lot of interesting layers that I feel like I don't seem like a person who grew up in a thing with that I kind of want to move on to following or talking about Jude 

As the main character in itself her perspective was so interesting I mean obviously she has a very horrible past and a dark dynamic of she was kidnapped she's living in this place that is alien to her and she also hates everyone and they hate her 

But at the same time it's also her home she's grown up there she doesn't really feel like she could just go back to the human world and be human because she's never done that before 

She only knows what she knows and that is her fav world so she has this internal struggle where she hates herself for wanting to stay and wanting to fit in with these people that hate her but she also doesn't really know what else to do 

You'll also see that reflected in her twin sister Turin who obviously faces a very similar mental struggle that Jude does but approaches it in an entirely different way 

They are incredibly close as their sisters but based on their different kinds of like decisions they have interesting strife throughout this story as well which was very hard to read at times but I also felt like added an incredibly interesting layer 

As for plot, this book was just so good it's eerie because they are unpredictable and you're not quite sure what's gonna happen next at any point in turn 

Jude as the main character is really strong and very admirable but she's also lost so you see her trying to make the best decision she possibly can but sometimes those decisions are not for the best 

But in terms of politics this book is absolutely rich with that I mentioned the faking is about to step down and he has many a sun and many a daughter and he basically picks one to then take the immortal crown 

It's not decided by firstborn so they kind of all are politicking to be the one chosen and there are many networks setting claims to basically ensure the superiority of one over the other 

But throughout this novel as with many of the characters, they gain new dynamics I kind of begin to explain some of their, hey we're it doesn't necessarily excuse it it just kind of explains it and enlightens it which I feel like just adds a lot of interest 

This is a novel that doesn't just have a dynamic main character but in a dynamic cast of characters each person's actions might not be good 

But then you later begin to understand perhaps why they did it and that makes it a little easier to have empathy for someone you might not even like but also just again at really complex layers to this narrative 

Overall as a plot in the story, it's incredibly fast-paced we get to see just kind of trying to navigate this very complicated court life as best she possibly can and also gain a lot of new skills and work with a lot of interesting people along the way 

As she tries to glean information in unlikely places and use that to her advantage to kind of position herself and the best way she can just to ensure her survival and her ability to gain power 

Way to be able to gain that power Jude actually kind of positions herself in the court to be a spy for an unlikely person she then kind of gets wrapped up even more deeply in court politics and also begins to realize that she has a skill for not just deception and trickery but bloodshed 

She kind of has to internally face that struggle of am I a bad person at the end of the day the cruel prince is a dark delicious intoxicating why a story that absolutely kept me turning the pages as fast as possible 

I thought it was just such a rich book I mean the characters were confusingly likeable and hateable at the same time the world was so richly described by holly blacks incredible writing 

Honestly, the wait for this next book is going to be absolutely antagonizing as I have no idea what could possibly be happy next 

But I asked lee loved it and I couldn't recommend this book more seriously pick it 5 out of 5 stars I should have probably started with that alrighty guy that is my non-spoiler review of the cruel prince.

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