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Second Chance Contract by M. Robinson PDF Download free


Second Chance Contract by M. Robinson

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Second Chance Contract PDF Download 

Details About Second Chance Contract by M. Robinson

  • Book Name: Second Chance Contract
  • Authors: M. Robinson
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance Fiction,Contemporary Romance
  • Pages: 291
  • Publish Date: August 31, 2021
  • Language: English
Book Review:

Second Chance Contract by M. Robinson I prefer relationships that have history I like going into a book having to learn all this backstory about the characters and having the characters like already know each other and are you have like a base level relationship or feelings for each other I feel like second-chance romances tend to be the most angsty 

Which I sometimes love a good angsty romance a lot of times they give me anxiety and I cannot handle it but sometimes when I'm in the right mood for it it's just the best thing ever 

So I have a list of some of my favorite second-chance romances also I'm really hoping someone doesn't come to the front door because that would be really uncomfortable alright 

So let's just get into my recommendations the first one is they used to love me by ka tucker this is about a couple who when they were teenagers they were camp counselors over the summer and they had like a summer romance they fell in love 

But they come from very different backgrounds the girl comes from a very rich family and the guy is like from the wrong side of the tracks he has kind of bad home life and he's poor so once this summer ends 

He basically cuts off all communication with her and she is left completely devastated and now it is like 10 or 11 years later they're both grown adults and the woman is now like a the ceo or vice president I can't remember of her father's company 

So she's very successful but very well-off and one day she runs into the new security guard at the company and it turns out to be the guy from her summer romance 

He pretends like he doesn't remember her at all and she's really pissed off and she has questions that she wants answers to she wants to know why he totally ghosted her and refused to like speak to her yeah I really really loved this this is only the second book 

I've read by katie tucker but I have talked about it a lot I really loved her books I also feel like this kind of reminded me of rory and jess specifically when they were at the summer camp because the book takes place in both timelines you flip back and forth between when they were teenagers 

At the camp and present-day and so the chapters when they were teenagers really reminded me who rory and jess from gilmore girls so the next book is hate to want you by alicia ride this was the first book that I read by this author and it's what made her one of my favorites

I think this is still my favorite book of hers it is just like peak angst it has very much like romeo and juliet ives it is about these two characters who come from families that were very close their grandfathers were like best friends 

They started a company together and when they were teenagers they dated and then something happened that caused the two families to break apart and the families became like rivals 

Because of that they had to break up during that whole time something very tragic happened that caused the main character to want to leave home so she hasn't been home for about ten years 

She's been traveling and she became a tattoo artist she's had like no contact with her ex except for once a year for one day on her birthday she sends him coordinates to wherever she's at and he comes 

They have one night together and that's it for the rest of the year for the rest of the 364 days they don't talk to each other at all but just for that one day on her birthday they see each other 

So the book starts with her coming home for the first time in a really long time and they are kind of thrust back into each others worlds and there's a lot of secrets and stuff that comes 

Out about their families and stuff that happened in the past I really loved this like I said it was like peak angst it was so so angsty and emotional because a lot of really sad things happen 

But I just really really loved this I love this whole series in general all of the couples in the series have history together so if that's something that you like this is the perfect series 

So the next book is only for a night by name is simone I've talked about this a lot but this is kind of a shorter novella length book that follows this guy who is ex irish mob and he left the mob to open up his own sex club and one day this girl walks into the club and she was like the one that got away they dated when they were teenagers and then he broke up with her and left her devastated 

Now she has come into the sex club because her husband recently passed away and they didn't have a really great marriage and they really didn't have a great sex life so she wants him to open her up to a whole new world and I really really loved this 

If you're looking for a really steamy novella I thought this was really great not only were the steamy scenes really great but I also loved the chemistry between the two characters 

I really really felt their romance and I specifically liked how he was like teaching her not teaching her how to have sex so like teaching her how to have good sex and he like really they worked their way up to things like

It was almost like they were going through levels and it was like once she completed a level she went to the next level and like kept going and I just really liked how the progression was great the next one is once ghosted twice shy by elissa cole this is a novella in 

The reluctant royal series and it is a female female romance it follows the bodyguard from the first book and a romance that she had with someone this novella takes place in like two timelines 

One of them is during the events of the first book in the series a princess in theory fair the princes bodyguard meets a woman in new york while they're visiting if they hit it off they have a row man and then 

I can't exactly remember why it broke off I think it was because she she went back home to like the princes kingdom now she's back in new york and she's on the subway 

They run into each other and do they start their romance again and they have a second chance I really loved this it's a great female female romance I'm so glad that alyssa cole added 

This story into it because it was a storyline when I read the first book that I was very much interested in and I wanted to know more about because it was kind of like a throwaway like comment in the first book it wasn't really talked about much or explored 

I was like really interested in knowing more about it so I was very excited that she wrote this novella and then we got to see this whole relationship play out and have a second chance so the last two are both romances that started out as a one-night stand 

So the first one is the right swipe by alicia ride I know another alicia write a book on this list but this is about a woman who created a dating app one day she is using her app and she finds 

This guy and they meet up they have an amazing night together and then he ghosts her so fast forward to present day she is trying to acquire another dating service as part of her company and the new spokesperson for that company turns out to be

The guy she had a one-night stand with who coasted her so she's like really salty about it she didn't want to see him she was very hurt that he like cut off communication with her because they had a great time and I really really loved this I thought the romance was 

So good and alicia rai it just knows how to make me feel for characters and then the last one which is another kind of one-night stand is intercepted by alexa martin this is about a girl who a long time ago 

Had a one-night stand with a guy and now she's in a relationship with a professional baseball player I think it's baseball pretty sure it's baseball it's literally called intercepted 

I still said it's about baseball okay she's in a relationship with this professional baseball player but he is an the team gets a new star player and it turns out to be the guy that she had a one-night stand with

A long time ago her boyfriends jumping her and like a really rude way and her and the one-night-stand guy start a romance and it was really cute I really enjoyed it I read it 

I think I read it first marathon but I had a lot of fun reading it I haven't contained with the series yet but I definitely want to I really liked the love interest in this cuz he was just like a really nice guy and especially compared to the ex-boyfriend who just sucked 

I was like yes this nice man we approve so those were my second chance romance recommendations definitely.



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