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Mr. Wrong Number by Lynn Painter PDF Download


Mr Wrong Number Pdf Download

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Mr. Wrong Number by Lynn Painter PDF Download

Details About Mr. Wrong Number by Lynn Painter PDF

  • Book Name: Mr. Wrong Number
  • Author: Lynn Painter
  • Genre: Women’s Friendship Fiction, Contemporary Women’s Fiction
  • Publish Date: 1 March 2022
  • Language: English 
Book Review:

Mr wrong number by Lynn painter, Lynn painter is an excellent author if you haven't read anything by her yet um she is somebody that could teach a master class on top-tier banter 

So if you're like me and you have definitely a passion for that and like you really love a book when they really build up that relationship and there is that kind of fun aspect like 

It's not just so heavy um she does an amazing job in this book the two main characters are Olivia marshall and colin beck Olivia marshall is a girl she's like in her mid-20s I believe 

She is kind of a screw-up like her family definitely thinks that she is it's kind of her label she's a little bit all over the place she's somebody that's really excited about life so that can just be really misconstrued sometimes 

Colin back on the other hand colin is very uptight he's kind of that grumpy-ish um not really out there with his emotions in front of most people 

He happens to be olivia's older brother's best friend so obviously, something's gonna happen you know so after colin sends he shoots off a really steamy text what are you wearing and it ends up going to olivia's phone 

So they don't really know that it's them they're communicating and then they then he figures it out and he is like a really big decision to make like does he go ahead and have a relationship 

His best friend's little sister like that's not something that happens frequently um so yeah it just was a really great book it was a really good read it was really quick really easy

It did not see me which is nice I recommended it to my mom like I felt really comfortable telling her to read it like it wasn't something that afterward I would sit there and go kind of awkward 

I know that you read this because it's very inappropriate um so yeah it's really not that it's very much a senior scene starts to cut to the next morning that's all um overall this book was great I give it a 4 out of 5 stars 

It's enemies to lovers it's laughing out-loud humor its brother's best friend it's just perfect I would go as far to say that colin beck is kind of like a more mild modern day 

Mr darcy from pride and prejudice if you're a pride and bridges fan um yeah so yeah if you are in the mood for something that's not overly spicy but is really fun and a cute romance book I would highly recommend Mr wrong number by Lynn painter.

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