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Modern ABC of Chemistry Class 11 Pdf free Download

  Modern ABC of Chemistry Class 11 Pdf free Download

Chemistry Class 11 Part -1 Download

Chemistry Class 11 part - 2 Download 

Chemistry Class 12 Part- 1 Download 

Chemistry Class 12 Part- 2 Download 

Modern ABC of Chemistry Class 11 Pdf free Download

Book: Abc Modern Chemistry 2019 -20 Edition Class 11 Part 1 By Sp Jauhar

Author: DR. S. P. JAUHAR

Binding: Paperback

Publishing Date: 2019


Book Summary:

We are happy to bring to our book "Present day ABC Science for Class 11 (Section I and II) Tests. The book has been totally changed, updated, and rigorously according to the most recent schedule and rules set somewhere near CBSE.

The message of the book is introduced in a precise and successive way, other than complete inclusion of the material to make it effectively reasonable by the students, every part of the book contains illustrative tests (action),

NCERT Reading material Activities with Settled, NCERT Model Issues Tackled (Chose) and Extra Activities (Chose Inquiries with Answers and Clues) for Training, Rundown (Content Correction) and Venture.

Book audit:

"Why Present day ABC Science Is Awesome of All Books and Wins the Honor for Greatness"

The book has been planned remembering the requirements of the understudies, subject wise and sub-point. The ongoing form has a few particular highlights:

Every part starts with a plan for the day. It gives the focal thought of the part and how it is tended to.

Every part is separated into a few segments comparing to the various parts of the prospectus.

Every part is printed with HOTS. This is to advance lucidity of the essentials.

The center regions in every section present the center of the ideas.

The areas of every part incorporate subjects critical.

PowerPoints and Modification windows give a brief glance at the substance.

The 'Exercise' is according to the example of the test. Addressing significant inquiries centers around the strategy of composing. Practices include:

Objective sort questions (retention and appreciation based questions), separated into five areas:

(A) Numerous decision question, (B) Fill in the spaces, (C) Valid or Misleading, (D) Match the right assertions, (E) 'Exceptionally short response'

objective sort questions

thinking questions

Hots and Applications

examination and assessment

CBSE Questions (regarding text for answers or replies)

NCERT Questions (With Sign of Replies)

Random and extra inquiries (with prompts or regarding the text for replies)

The customs (toward the finish of every part) ought to act as a protect against distortion of ideas.

An interestingly planned segment is toward the finish of the Skill Region part. It absolutely expands the trouble level however ought to act as helpful material for superb students.

Settled and inexplicable mathematical are given to expand the hold on the point.


Utilizing straightforward, powerful strategies and real synopses, our books make it simple for you to figure out the illustrations.

Questions that matter:

This book contains questions that have been presented before in board tests and compartment papers. What's more, our in-house subject specialists cautiously select and form the inquiries that are probably going to be asked in the tests.

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