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Hard Fire by J B Turner PDF Download

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Hard Fire by J B Turner PDF Download 

Details of Hard Fire by J B Turner Book

  • Book Name: Hard Fire 
  • Authors:  J B Turner 
  • Pages: 334
  • Genre: Thriller, Political thriller, Adventure fiction
  • Publish Date: 13 December 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

I thought perhaps that we should talk a bit about this book george RR martin is the author of the solo item fire saga it started in 96 I believe with the book Game of Thrones and continues with Clash of Kings Storm of Swords feast of crows and dance dragons this book 

however is a chronicle it tells the story about the previous kings and queens of Westeros which is the continent in which main focus so this isn't a classic narrative doesn't have any protagonists in the client a in the classic sense rather it it's history although history usually concerns itself with broader strokes 

it doesn't concern itself usually with hmm Mary hmm or how many kids did they get how many of their children died well Jon well what kind of trouble do you go through to marry off your own daughters etc it's more like a mythological / religious / historical text 

it tells the story about how how the Hungarians fled from Valyria and landed on Dragonstone which was a place which they already owned apparently and had done 

so for some time it tells that Aegon and his two sister brides invades and conquers most of Westeros they they don't Concord dawn which is to southernmost Kingdom or it wasn't Kingdom that's one of the point they had princess and princesses not kings and queens and all of this is written in the diocese it's written by a maester by archmaester 

Gill Dane of the Citadel old town and transcribed by your channel model this is the same thing that Tolkien did when the Lord of the Rings

it's not it's not written by him in the DDT he is yes the translator and and if it serves a purpose that if something would be wrong or if something seems strange you can always say that it's the mace death and he's planned and again this is controlling 

how the story is told how history's told this archmaester draws upon other text because he's writing this many decades after he took it and the first book this the fire and blood covers the history from Aegon the conquerer to Ingham the third which is about hundred and fifty years or something 

so anyway if if you want are all Martin were to write this as an author then all of it would be canon instantly and he would have small possibilities to to change or to correct things but since it's written by a maester it's quite easy for women to to run them do whatever you want of course an author 

I feel always owns his deities but on the other hand you did don't want to make your fans angry so should you read this it has it has a little narrative value as I said but it's if you are if you're in nerd and you do like the book series

then by all means read it it's a it's a different genre from from what you are used to perhaps but it's totally read worthy so to speak on the other hand if you are if you have only seen the TV show 

the series and you would want to know more about the world then this probably wouldn't be the best place to start it described in quite in quite detail all the different persons and houses and lords and ladies and and there is there's a lot of people in there 

I don't even pretend to to really care about whatever this dude from house whatever did that's that's not my thing when I read I usually focus on the on the larger picture and I can hardly remember much of the details in the story.



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