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Dating Dr. Dil by Nisha Sharma pdf download

 Dating Dr. Dil by Nisha Sharma pdf download

Click here to download the pdf 

Dating Dr. Dil by Nisha Sharma pdf download 

Details of Dating Dr. Dil by Nisha Sharma 

  • Book Name: Dating Dr. Dil
  • Authors: Nisha Sharma
  • Pages: 291
  • Genre: Romance Novel
  • Publish Date: Mar 15, 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Dating dr. Dil by Nisha Sharma this book that gave me permission and or inspired the sweater vests do I think I will be as attractive in a sweater vest as karina probably not am I going to meet my future partner in a bar while wearing a sweater vest probably not but I can dream and also this book made me go 

I do miss sweater best so take this as your sweater vest warning I guess but sweater vests aside let's jump into you know the part of the book that most people are probably more intrigued by and that is the romance now a lot of us are probably in that post-bridgerton bubble 

Where we're searching for something with the same kind of heat and charge and fun of season two and kate and anthony's story and I'm not going to compare this book to either bridgerton season two or the by count who loved me in depth because I don't want to do a disservice to 

This book either but I think if you're looking for something with that same kind of heat and charge albeit in a contemporary setting versus a historical I think this is going to be right up your alley and going back to the building blocks of it that both are inspired at least on some level by the taping of the shrew 

I didn't revisit the taming of the shrew for either bridgeton or this novel because I don't think either pulls on the swords material enough for it to have been worth my time and also it's not my favorite shakespeare play by a long shot 

But I know enough obviously and the building blocks are there a younger sister who is either being courted or in this case engaged and an older sister who is not and neither of these modern versions lay down an ultimatum for the elder sister but here karina is definitely feeling that judgment from her family and the opening scene of this book was 

So rough for me it follows karina turning 30 and she goes downstairs and her whole family has forgotten and then her younger sister who is newly engaged sweeps in and gets all this attention from her family and then on top of all of that she learns that her father is planning to 

Put their house on the market a house that karina has grown up in and helped to update and to her represents and holds the heart of their mother who they've lost and she's done a lot of these updates both to kind of honor the spirit of her mother and connect in some way to kind of keep that memory alive and it's very active for her 

So not only is she being told that this place is being put on the market but she is the last to know and if she wants to buy it she's going to have to kind of scramble to come up with the funds because the value has gone up and she doesn't have it but if she wanted to get married she would have access to some more funds however karina's romantic 

She reads romance novels at night while listening to taylor swift and staying in I felt very seen that benicia sharma in this moment I know she sees us but also very attacked and so she's a romantic in this way 

But also from the relationship she saw modeled from her parents she wants a love match she wants that connection so she's reeling from kind of all of this when she goes to the bar with her friends and she meets a guy and they hit 

It off there are sparks there's deep conversation and there's some heavy making out in this guy's friend's office because his friend just happens to own this restaurant bar they're at and that guy is prem unfortunately in the midst of their making out while she is caught in her sweater vest his phone goes off with an emergency alert 

He leaves her in the lurch and then the next day she's taking her influencer sister onto like this local tv show and sees prem who is the host of this program and she hears him say that he doesn't believe in true love and she is hungover and she is aggravated 

He brings out the best and the worst in her and she verbally assaults him ends up throwing a pedialyte on him and they go viral and that doesn't really get her in his good books because he has been working very hard to secure funding for a community health clinic 

This moment of going viral pulls all of that funding and so he is left scrambling and he has to repair his image and through circumstances and who knows who's mainly karina's aunties they reconnect and it's pitched this idea of them faking a relationship because 

It would be mutually beneficial to both of them both in reinstating prem's reputation to help him get that funding back and helping karina get her mother's house but most of the novel is actually prem trying to convince karina to commit to this scheme which I loved because 

She still wants a love match she doesn't want to commit herself to this idea of settling so she's still trying to date around and in the meantime prem keeps kind of inserting himself into her orbit to try to convince her to do this thing and of course every time they're in the same room they 

Butt heads because they match each other they're a challenge for each other but here we have again a man who doesn't believe in love or is afraid of love or doesn't want to articulate love for whatever reason even as we see him falling in love and the way that 

They banter and bicker a mixed bag really works because part of the challenge of taming of the shrew is that the karina character karina in this version obviously is challenging because in the play the ending is not nice or kind to that character 

In my interpretation here we have two characters that are allowed to be occasionally spiky around each other and we also get the sense in the narrative as karina and prem get to know each other better that in many ways prem becomes a safe space for her in that she pushes back against 

Her family some but she doesn't snap at them every time they get on her nerves and so in her interactions with prem we're able to see her kind of let go of her inhibitions a little bit and let off some of that steam they're able to meet each other in the middle and go toe-to-toe 

I loved watching the gradual kind of slide of their relationship progressing the way prem would call karina honey all the time even before he'd accepted any level of feelings with her and it was kind of fun to track the evolution of that because the honey at the beginning is much different than the honey at the end and also his protectiveness 

He's taking care of her and in the same way that their relationship offers her a place to kind of let loose some of her uglier emotions and him to just accept that you never see him judging karina for the way she expresses emotion he's mad at her at the beginning for the way that she cost him his funding 

He has some not great things to say about her in his mind and with his friends but he never questions her assertiveness and we get the sense that that's part of what attracts him to her and we do see that frustration with the stubbornness at times but he's just as stubborn it's that idea that 

They're butting heads because there are aspects of themselves that are so similar and even amidst this progression of this antagonism to love we do get flashbacks to that first night that they have together at the bar and we see pieces of this conversation that we didn't get to see initially we kind of go from that 

First you know meeting that attraction across the room to them making out but then we get these flashbacks to this really deep conversation they had with each other they really did work to get to know each other that night and so those flashbacks show that connection and keep that moving 

I think it was done really well from a pacing perspective to do it that way because it keeps the momentum of the beginning of the book fast paced we get that initial conflict and inciting incident very early and even in that first moment of antagonism it may feel like an extreme reaction 

But then we're able to go back and see how deep this connection was it helps the relationship feel like it has some momentum even at the beginning when it's moving a little slower so I just think that those flashbacks serve the narrative really well and then when 

They do admit their attraction well they've always admitted their attraction to each other that's the first thing that draws them together but I guess I should say when they first start acting on that attraction to one another the first scene or the first couple scenes maybe don't necessarily have that soft glow filter 

It's not particularly dirty but it's not like overly romantic either and I think that the progression of those scenes also mirrors the progression of their relationship you know as it would but those initial encounters are that release of tension right in the same way that in a musical you sing when you can 

No longer speak when the emotion is too great we are seeing the kind of overflow of those emotions with each other and how it pushes them together and how this charge and this energy that we see in this bickering this competitiveness this need to be right plays itself out in different dynamics 

How that energy translates into different activities and then we see prem continue to kind of grow and I think that his emotional journey is very fluid he's not recognizing what these instincts mean beyond the fact that he wants karina in his life and he accepts this idea that he wants to marry her that he wants her in his life forever before he accepts the idea of love because 

It's less scary and yet he's taking care of her and he's chasing after her he envisions a life with her and we see that gentleness translate and that progression translates and yet there's still budding heads about this idea of her wanting love and him not believing in it or believing that it's dangerous at best because also he's a cardiologist because symbolism 

So it's kind of the inverse of the miscommunication trope in that they are communicating pretty well about their expectations and yet they're not being completely honest with themselves rina to a lesser degree 

But still there's some of that at play I would argue and so prem is trying to convince her to commit to this relationship and in reality is making her fall in love with him and she has to decide at a certain point whether that will be enough and what his actions mean 

If she needs the words and yet amidst all of this he plans some of the best dates including a murder mystery scavenger hunt at the met in which they face off against some very antagonistic teenagers a moment that I think would be beautifully translated for a viewing audience underscored by taylor swift of course as it is the soundtrack of the book both for prem and for karina and the playlist that's included in the back 

So I just really loved the way these characters came together the way they butted heads played off of each other we're always trying to get one up on each other how that manifested into different aspects of their relationship and then being able to contrast that real fight energy with a real tenderness and comfort and intimacy as they got to know each other and open up to each other and how they began to represent a real safe space for the other in their lives 

So I just thought the whole thing was just super well done and fun it did hate to love really well I think it distilled a lot of what I love about the idea of hate to love is the extremity of these feelings and then you can temper that bickering and that meeting each other 

You know at your worst with at your best and the comfort that can be provided and how that kind of helps ground those other moments and outside of their relationship as well there are some really great bits with karina online dating which makes me not want to reopen my online dating apps for sure 

We also get to see the friends that surround them which will be the subsequent novels I believe she confirmed on tick tock that the next book will be a much ado about nothing and based on the names of the characters 

I'm convinced that the third will be a 12th night but I'm not exactly sure how that's going to work yet so I'm very excited and I haven't seen a shakespeare retelling romance series in a second if ever a full series dedicated and as I said this is definitely inspired more than a beat by retelling which 

I actually think serves the story better because as I said I personally don't believe a b by b retelling obtaining of the shrew would work as a romance novel and I don't think it needs to be a perfect retelling 

I think there is fun again in seeing how these stories play with the source material and in these kinds of things seeing where the changes happen is part of the fun and seeing the nods to the original text however even 

If you're not familiar with the source text I think you're still going to have a great time here because it's not a beat by retelling it's not bogged down by the source material and it's allowed to live and breathe on its own and I think it's a lot of fun with a lot of heart it made me smile it was steamy 

I cared about the characters and I watched their growth and they felt real to me as someone you know in that age bracket so I very much enjoyed this I'm excited to see what the rest of the series is I know this has been a buzzy title 

So if you read this I would be very interested to hear what you have to say but it definitely helped me get back in the swing of things after living in kind of like the bridgerton realm for the last week or so and hopefully I'll have more books coming your way soon.


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