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Bonsai by Alejandro Zambra pdf download


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Bonsai by Alejandro Zambra pdf download

Details of Bonsai by Alejandro Zambra Book

  • Book Name: Bonsai
  • Authors: Alejandro Zambra
  • Pages: 52
  • Genre: Romance
  • Publish Date: Aug 17, 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Bonsai by Alejandro Zambra this I was kindly gifted from fitzgeraldo a copy of bonsai by alejandro zambra zambra is a chilean author who i would say at the moment is rivalling bolano as the most known chilean author 

I've read multiple choices thought absolutely nothing of it i've read chilean poet i mean i read snippets and i got bored so i stopped so why did i decide to give bonsai a go it's 70 pages oh my god i find latin american author that 

I just get on with bonsai is about two people julio and amelia but amelia's dead and julio is alive it doesn't really matter what happens that story has come to an end anything else is literature also the beginning goes julio milia aren't in the relationship that you 

I are thinking of he was not her first pololo and they don't have sex that they just well they're not really they're just engaging in for yando and they're not really doing that it's just a bit of cool 

That is how in one single explanation you can put off the prudish the spanish and the chileans you're welcome julio and amelia are bound by the books that they read they also lie about the books that they read such as proofs in search of lost time and after a conversation decide after 300 pages 

They're just going to put the book down and stop it bots i talk about this relationship but not in the way that you think it's kind of meandering and how julio audibilia aren't really they aren't even aware of each other 

As they grow up julio isn't even defined out until the end that abelia is dead so as the reader we know was happening julio is uh he's he's late to the party he's he's really late to the party of knowing this 

But in the youth they would draw to one story a chilean short story tantalia which is about two people who well they love his nurtured vivid the tree that they grow but come to realize that if the tree dies that means their love dies so decide to plant the tree in amongst a field with other trees 

So they'll never know which tree is which and live in almost live in a state of ignorant bliss like if they don't know that it's dead that they can't identify the tree then how do they know that their love has subsided and 

This is where the bonsai comes into it julio gets a little bit fixated about bonsais but realizes that the bonsai is a bit more than the tree once you take the tree out of its container it's not a bonsai anymore it's just it's just it's just a very small tree i'm not sure what 

This actually proves like look how small it is it fits in my hand but once you put the tree back in the pot it is a bonsai and that container despite how small that is is essential to the tree it doesn't matter about the pruning the maintaining of the bonsai the um that the container and the tree must live in harvey despite 

How small it is now zabra is completely aware of all of this julio starts working with an author and the author eva makes a joke about do you just write those like 40 page novels that everyone likes and julio's drawn to this idea of a small container that holds something greater that he could ever hope to achieve bonsai as a work maintains 

This love story it holds the love between julio and abelia despite the direction of the bean dough despite the conversation despite the fact that one of them is dead the container maintains its life it doesn't matter 

How big the story is it can hold something greater than it ever was to achieve on its own which is a beautiful sentiment and i can see why bonsai won awards but by gosh was this boring 

They that explanation is just given to you this is why i'm doing it and then everything else is kind of um it capsulated around it seems to just it's been like julio in the taxi at the end 

It was a bit like why even more it is mediocre at best i don't i will i keep trying his books i mean if he keeps pulling 70 page bangers out i'll go for it 

but uh she's a bit avant-garde he's he knows what he's doing everything has a purpose i i appreciate that he's not completely out there for the sake it's very meaningful 

It's very like precise very succinct what he is doing but i just don't i just don't just i just don't like it there you go people i just don't like it like what more is there to say bonsai you can have a four out of ten why can't i find any latin american authors like i really like i feel as i'm missing out so much but i just why why what's wrong with me.


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