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After Ever Happy by Anna Todd PDF Download


After Ever Happy by Anna Todd

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After Ever Happy by Anna Todd PDF Download 

Details About After Ever Happy by Anna Todd PDF

  • Novel Title: After Ever Happy
  • Author: Anna Todd
  • Genre: College Fiction, Contemporary Women’s Fiction
  • Publish Date: 24 February 2015
  • Language: English 
Book Review:

After Ever Happy by Anna Todd this book you're really i feel like push not in his side i think you can see some of why he might be acting the way he does um but at the same time it doesn't justify it and he can be very cruel still um and in that regard he he hasn't learned very much from his past behavior 

I feel like i've been very emotionally drained because so much happens in this last book um it's it's a lot of big scenes at the beginning and i felt drained very quickly it kind of evens out and goes a very slow pace

I feel like towards the middle and even the ending is quite so paced um in just the way it's kind of been staged out i just i feel like it it had so much more that it could have given 

I feel like towards hardin's recovery tess's recovery out of that kind of relationship i think she's gonna be obviously on her own journey as well um it kind of doesn't leave the the last few books were up and down throughout entirely 

So much drama angst a lot of love um but it feels like in this one when it was time to kind of watch them each heal and recover and learn what trauma is to them and how they can grow better as people individually 

I feel like it kind of uh skipped it a bit it didn't really give i feel like that enough of a chance i feel because so many things were still happening they both um they both had 

So much build up to these moments and in the last book i was kind of expecting a bit more of like their own journeys in recovery and and kind of leading their own lives to come back together in some ways obviously after the incident in london and tessa ends up leaving harding kind of comes to his senses 

Especially after tessa finds her father who has overdosed at their apartment they've shared together and he was staying at and she goes through 

So much grief that that was very heartbreaking and to see her completely shut down shut everyone out i think it sounds horrible i feel like hardin deserved it um when he came back and tessel really wanted nothing nothing to do didn't want him anywhere near her and i think he deserved that kind of reality check 

He's been horrible he's had some really horrible moments and he's somehow managed to always win her back and i think deep down as much she says he's not good enough for her he continues to put himself on her and know that she's going to cave because she loves him so much and i think even this time he didn't truly think that 

When she left that would be it i think he thought that she would always kind of and she does always hold a flame for him um throughout the book but she really kind of also needed a really harsh wake-up call to realize it's just not healthy for her to go around in these circles at the time 

she's not able to cure him or save him and i think that's really really poignant that you don't have to be that to someone you shouldn't have to put that level of pressure on yourself to save someone yes it's it's lovely and rewarding 

If you can be that crutch for someone that that helpline but ultimately it shouldn't be that much of a burden to the point it's it's damaging your life your relationships your well-being your happiness and i think that got to that point with tessa and they finally go on their separate ways and they 

Live their separate lives and i think hardin still wants tessa to forgive him but it doesn't kind of go that way tessa needs her time um to kind of gather herself and lead her life without hardin and know what she wants and what 

She wants to do um and i think that was really great seeing that moment but as i said middle of the book kind of bit so pace um until she she sees harding again they kind of rekindle and then she finds out about the book 

Now this is a bit on the nose to have a book um story being told and then you find out that one of the main characters has been writing the book all along um kind of thing from their perspective and it's called after 

It was quite a nice little moment to think especially because it led it up with so many different little little hints of harding writing in a journal and the fact he found that helpful for his recovery um but i think the way tesla find out about the book and the potential feelings with everyone knowing 

What their business is their personal life what what they've been through together she's a very private person anyway normally um how she's been portrayed in all these books she's very private 

I think it it was kind of upsetting that again he kind of disregarded that element of her personality that almost he didn't think too much um into how much that would hurt her to know that her life is going to be made public in one way or another and so then they they separate again and go again have a bit of time apart and see each other here or there 

Where they re kind of kindle their some elements of their relationship but they're still not in a place to have a romantic relationship or partnership again in life and it it has a very natural ending and it's very sweet i think

If you love tessa and hardin's kind of growth and arc of their relationship the love they share and everything then the ending is gonna probably be everything you want and more um i think personally yes they both did and do deserve a happy ending um it's not very often books will jump years ahead 

You kind of get an idea of what what's going to happen or you get an introduction into potentially how their story is going to end um so it was it was nice kind of seeing the elements of what happens over the years and the progression 

so i did really enjoy that i did kind of like having that final full stop in the story and i think i don't know whether anna todd is glad she did that because most writers won't just to give them that possibility to write more um in the future 

If she wants to go into more detail about the characters i guess she could always with their children and big spoiler there they do have children i think that was a very sweet moment and i think tessa deserved that that's one of the elements of the family she she always wanted um and harding i think secretly as well 

So I felt very committed to these characters their desires their wants and needs and evidently they were destined to be together one way or another so i i did really enjoy it after ever happy um as with all books there's pros and cons with these kind of books 

It's got a lot of erotica it's got a lot of drama and trauma and a lot of heartache but it has some very sweet moments um london gets married which is amazing and tessa is very much involved 

so it's hardin so that was really sweet to see his story kind of start of a happy ending um seeing as he's been such an important part in both their lives and throughout all these books 

so i really enjoyed that part but definitely would recommend i think if you if you've read the first three obviously you need to read the last book you just have to it needs to finish um for you in your minds and i think it finishes very well in the end um i think 

If you want to start the whole after series um i think you have to go in with an open mind i think i read it fairly new to getting into reading um it was definitely the first kind of book that i've read like this especially a book that's come from wattpad it was my first book like that 

so i think i was very open-minded to how the story may have been written on a web page and not maybe fully thought out um when getting a book deal and some people are established authors and have all this preparation and training for how their character arc should be 

I still think anna todd did a really good job of this series i think she made really deep very dark and beautiful characters they are so complex and she doesn't shy away from the fact that not everyone's good there isn't a clear cut the tessa is the good and hardeners are bad they have 

so many things they've done to each other both good and bad throughout the entire series um and i think that's really good and healthy to learn that it's not always typical bad boy perfect scent girl it's it's more depth to that and i think anna todd done a really good job of it 

so yeah if you enjoyed my book review then please comment down below i'm just going to talk quickly because this last book is being currently put out as a film and some of you have probably already seen it some of you are waiting to see it i live in the uk we have no idea what date that's going to be 

nless i'm really behind i try and check to see i'm a bit gutted when the poster came out and once again uk's at the bottom with no clear date even though hardin who is played by hiro finds.


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