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A Touch of Darkness by Scarlett St. Clair PDF Download


A Touch of Darkness by Scarlett St. Clair

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A Touch of Darkness by Scarlett St. Clair PDF Download

Details of A Touch of Darkness book 

  • Book Name: A Touch of Darkness
  • Authors: Scarlett St. Clair
  • Pages: 368
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fantasy Fiction, Fairy tale
  • Publish Date: 23 May 2019
  • Language: English

Book Review:

A Touch of Darkness by Scarlett St. Clair i just have to say how beautiful is this book the artwork i the title um the author's name even scarlett sinclair stunning everything about 

this book the subject matter along with the beautiful package drew me in um and i thoroughly enjoyed it i would give it a solid four out of five and i will totally get into why i'm not gonna do any spoilers in this review because honestly 

i feel like this is a super easy book to talk about generally without giving anything away and as always if i enjoy a book i want you guys to go read it so yeah let's get into it so a touch of darkness is essentially a modern retelling of the story of persephone and hades from greek mythology i am super into greek mythology 

i love all of that stuff i've loved it for so long anything related to it i'm i'm about it especially if you include a spicy little forbidden love story um sign me up whenever i bought this book literally all i knew was that 

but it was a modern retelling of persephone and hades um and i don't think i realized like just how modern it was as in persephone is like literally a college student it's kind of funny um i thoroughly enjoyed this book 

i really did i thought the relationship between persephone and hades was interesting i liked both of their characters um the storyline was pretty good but like i have to tell you the first hundred pages of this book were kind of like i don't know i wasn't quite sure how it was gonna go just because 

like i said persephone is a college student in this um it's kind of funny because it is it includes aspects of greek mythology the places the people all of that but it's set in like a modern urban setting so places we know like olympus and athens athens is a real city 

but like all these places you've heard of in greek mythology are now like cities in this place and the gods are in it and they are gods but they're also kind of like business moguls in this world 

like for example zeus she talks about owns like a huge advertising agency and hades is known for like owning a bunch of nightclubs but they are still gods and they do still control those aspects of earth 

but they are also just like i don't know like gods and suits like businessmen like they are like the richest people on in this land this world whatever you want to call it 

]yeah persephone is a college student i honestly would call this like it's greek mythology meets wattpad literally the first 50 to 100 pages of this were like the beginning of every wattpad story i've ever read every fanfic especially 

i mean persephone again no spoilers here because it's really it's not that crazy it's not that hard to like deduce like if you start the book you're gonna know 

what i mean i mean it literally starts off with like persephone in a coffee shop we learned that she is a college student and she is really invested in her school and her studies and her career her mom has been super strict demeter who is the goddess of the harvest persephone was born 

without being known to people so she's kind of been kept hidden she's the goddess of the spring but demeter's kept her hidden 

so she's been very sheltered her whole life and you know now she's a college student she wants to take her career very seriously because she's not like most girls and um you know the story literally starts with her best friend meeting her in a coffee shop trying to convince her to go to haiti's club 

it's impossible to get into haiti's club but her friend has a spot come on persephone you have to go and she's like i start my internship tomorrow i don't want to go i don't want to go of course her friend convinces her of course 

she goes to the club of course she sees a very attractive man from afar who then she later ends up meeting in the club and of course it ends up being hades like that's like the beginning of the book um which to me yeah like when 

i started i was like okay this is like a little predictable this is a little like come on i mean it was good the writing was good but i was just like i totally can already tell you what's gonna happen in the story but after those first like 50-100 pages like 

i said it does get super interesting um basically in that meeting in the club her stephanie haiti's end up playing like a game of cards she doesn't realize he has hades she loses so she wakes up with a mark on her wrist and realizes that she has been put in a contract with hades which this is like a thing he does like people come to him and for help basically and they they will make a deal and 

if that person cannot follow through on the deal then hades like owns their soul so that's basically the thing now she has to fulfill her contract to hades in six months or she is forever gonna be in the underworld with him 

so obviously like things ensue we know the story of hades and persephone obviously like things happen between them like i said i did i thoroughly did enjoy this book like there are some very spicy scenes in it 

that were great but um if i had any like negative things to say it would be that i mean it's a short book but i wish that the burn in this was slower i feel like it's very quick i don't feel like i got enough time for tension to build up 

i mean it was still great i still really enjoyed it but i wish that there was like a longer period of like you know enemies before its enemies to lovers not just straight to freaking lovers i feel like persephone isn't angry enough at him for the whole contract situation i wish they would have like held out a little longer 

i mean there's definitely like there is that tension there is that angst it does happen but i just i guess i wish there was a little bit more of it if i had a say in it 
also some of the scenes in here were just very like some of the scenes were just kind of hard to keep up with it was like oh okay wham bam done like it was interesting not not like anything i've read before in that aspect 

i was just like oh i don't think that's how that works but okay i'm just gonna go with it and lastly this isn't like a big deal because it doesn't like matter to the story but i'm just i'm just real nitpicky about this there's quite a few typos in this book which i just think is crazy 

i know that this author is an indie author which i understand but i just feel like when you get a book in barnes and noble like it's literally on the front table of the y section and it's like has many typos it's just kind of like wild to me

i'm like did people not like did you not have several people read this was there not an editor like how did typos make it to print again it doesn't affect the story it's just a thing of mine that i don't you know it just it bothers me but it's really it doesn't affect the story 

so don't let it discourage you literally other than that this book was very good it was really interesting to see the way that she like incorporated greek mythology with like a modern day kind of setting it was interesting to see the gods in that kind of way there's a couple characters in this book that like 

i hated but i mean you were supposed to hate them but still it's frustrating when you're reading you're just like oh my gosh literally just go away i don't like you but yeah overall like 

if you're into greek mythology if you like a spicy a spicy book a spicy watt pad fanfic you'll love this book it's a quick easy read i totally recommend 



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