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A Million Kisses in Your Lifetime By Monica Murphy pdf Download


Click here to download the pdf 

A Million Kisses in Your Lifetime By Monica Murphy pdf

Details of A Million Kisses in Your Lifetime By Monica Murphy Book

  • Book Name: A Million Kisses in Your Lifetime
  • Authors: Monica Murphy
  • Pages: 393
  • Genre: Romance novel, New adult fiction
  • Publish Date: 10 March 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

A Million Kisses in Your Lifetime By Monica Murphy  this book takes place at lancaster prep which is a private boarding school for essentially high school and so yeah this is a high school bully romance 

so if high school bully romance isn't your thing then these books probably aren't for you um the first book is really really good i think i gave it four stars and again i say the first book but it's really not like you can read them as standalones and it'll be 100 fine so this book follows ren and crew and it is grumpy sunshine and ren is sunshine and crew is grumpy 

it's also reformed playboy and toucher and you die vibes like absolutely it was absolutely touch her and you die like so good so crew is like this super playboy like bad boy whatever and ren is like this innocent good girl she's a virgin she's never done anything bad she's just like beautiful and super sweet and perfect and everyone wants to be her friend and crew of course notices her 

but he's like intrigued by her but like he doesn't like her because he doesn't understand her he thinks like she's like mysterious and one day they are paired together for a group project and it's the rest is history because this book is basically like the journey of them 

their relationship and the plot was just that um now there are some plot twists towards the end that were like really really good her parents are actually very very helicopter parents like very protective that's another reason why she is the way that she is she's just very sheltered and innocent and naive would be a great word to describe ren but she starts to change 

throughout the book whenever i first started i was like 60 pages in and absolutely obsessed but i was like man like am i supposed to like friend because she's not very likable she's kind of like judgmental and like snobby but it was like a total vibe okay i was there for it it was like mean girls gossip girls like i don't know i was just like harnessing my inner high schooler whenever 

i was reading this book because obviously i'm not in high school anymore but it's just one of those things where like it's you i guess you could call it a guilty pleasure reading high school bully romance but there's no guilt involved okay like i just i love a good high school bully romance

but yeah so she starts to like change throughout the book because she starts questioning why she's the way that she is like she even has like a purity ring it's nothing religious but it's just more like um honestly her body is her religion like she just really respects like her body and doesn't 

to a point where it's like she's like judgy of others but she doesn't stay that way like she evolves throughout the book and it's just really good their relationship is so freaking cute so he's like rude to everybody but her there's lines in here that's literally like touch her and you die like

i said and the things that he does for her is just so so so so freaking cute whenever you read the book you'll understand the cover so the cover has like a bunch of lipstick marks on it and it's just so cute brent is really really into art her parents are rich as well not as rich as the Lancaster 

boys which is crew he's a part of that family so he's a lancaster so he basically owns the school and like he's like untouchable basically but her family isn't as rich but they're still they still have money and they collect art yeah you just need to read the book to find out about 

the cover but you guys this was so good i think i'm gonna give it five stars either that are four and a half stars like this was just so so cute i couldn't put it down i loved everything about it i love the vibes of it like i love books that are set in school i eat that up for breakfast 

lunch and dinner just give it to me any type of way and i will read that and this was so good like such a good contemporary like school setting because they were like in class all the time so you like hear about them taking tests and like walking in class i think it's like it feels like nostalgic almost 

i don't really know why i like reading about characters going to school into class and stuff like that but it's just like comforting almost the vibes just like five out of five the oh their relationship was so cute like i was just smoothing the entire time the last like 100 pages literally could not put 

this book down because i was like i need to find out what happens because like all these scandals happen and it's just so good it's so addicting and i swear if you like high school bully romance pick this up because it is just like my cup of tea and if you're anything like me it'll be your 

cup of tea as well it is on kindle unlimited um i did buy the book just because i really really love the cover i also own a copy of things i wanted to say it's just like oh god this was even better better like that book was so good did i mention that this book was spicy because this book is so spicy oh my god out of five jalapenos i would probably rank it for jalapenos that's 

because there are like a lot of scenes okay there's a lot there's a lot jam-packed in this book the only negative thing i could probably say about it is the last chapter felt like an epilogue and then the epilogue felt like another epilogue if that makes any sense so good highly highly recommend 

this book if you have kindle unlimited literally stop what you're doing and freaking read it the total page count is 536 pages but it reads really really fast so don't let that intimidate you like i read this in two days so yeah it's very good so if you made it this far you can leave some lipstick emoji kisses.

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