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Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon Book Summary


Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon Book Summary

Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon Book Summary

Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon, discusses ten of the best ideas starting with the first one. 

Now number 1, no art is fully original. This is probably one of the biggest things that hold you back from creating, thinking you have to create something entirely new that has never been seen before, but the truth is you'll take so much pressure off yourself once you realize that nothing is original. 

Don't look at it like you have to reinvent the wheel, just try to modify the wheel in a sense, maybe make it bigger, make it smaller, make it longer, make it shorter. Once you start looking at this in whatever you're creating, not to make something wholly new but taking what's already here and enhancing it in some way, you'll start creating so much more. 

Number 2 draw from influences. One example being with these videos, I spent a month sitting around thinking I don't know what to say, I want to help people, I want to make creative content but I just...nothing's happening, but then I sat down I started to read books, especially books on creativity, and then I went to this book, that is influence from Austin Kleon but it's my own thing, I'm putting my spin on it and the same thing for you. 

In the book, they discuss that one plus one is three, and they use a brilliant example with lines. Your influencer could be one line, you are one line and you would think that there are two lines, but you notice that there is a black in the middle, that's the third part of your influences and you combined to create something new. 

Number 3, practice productive procrastination. I'm sure there have been times when you been creating something, and you've hit a block, maybe you're hit with fear or doubt on whatever it is that you're making, and you just sit there, trying to work your way out of it, but there are ways that you can procrastinate that are rather helpful. 

Maybe it would be best to step away and talk with a friend, go to a baseball game or go for a run. I've noticed with me when I become more balanced and don't let go of my hobbies, that I've been able to create so much more, go see your friends, have balance in your life, these are not waste of time and you'll find that they refresh you and recharge you and when you come back to your creating, you will start creating awesome content. 

Number 4 embrace obscurity. That's a fear many of us have, creating something and hearing crickets but have you ever thought that there are some advantages there? At least I've learned out through reading this book that being obscure with what I'm doing right now is awesome, I'm able to experience, I'm able to make mistakes because people aren't expecting much of me. 

Now, on the other hand, think of someone like Adam Sandler, when you go to his movie you have an expectation that it's going to be light and is going to be on the humorous side. Imagine if he wanted to do dramatic movies or horror movies?

You'd probably go to this movie and you would be upset thinking 'Look, I came here for a funny movie!' Keep this in mind, if you're starting out this is a good thing, this is your opportunity to experiment and find who you are. 

Number 5 share your work with others. I'm sure there's going to be times where you're very excited about your work and then you share it and people don't feel the same way, but on the other side you may think your work is dreadful, 

Be willing to put your stuff out there, get feedback because people can see things at angles you can't. Constructive criticism can help you build faster, show your work. 

Number 6, don't wait, start now. Trying to be perfect causes us to procrastinate and never creating a thing and I was talking with a good friend who is in the process of writing his first book, 

I think it's going to be amazing, time and time again he's given me great advice throughout the years and it's a self-help, personal development book, but he's struggling to get it out there and I think it's because he wants it to be perfect. If you're struggling with this, 

I hope you keep in mind that this one project that you're doing does not define you, you are going to write several books, you'll make many paintings, so take the pressure off whatever this first thing is, get it out there start right now and start developing. 

Number 7 write the book you want to read. I'm sure you have skill sets and strengths that people value right now, but if it's not something you're passionate about you'll burn out over time, for example, I'm a pharmacist so I have an extensive background with neurotransmitters, hormones, medications, things like that 

but I'm not very passionate about it, I'm really passionate about, psychology, spirituality, and try to convince people that this is more valuable than where I am right now. I remember reading in a blog post from Seth Godin that the term 'give the people what they want' isn't as valuable as convincing them what they need, whatever your passion is convincing people why it's important and write that book. 

Number 8 disconnect from your daily routine. Steve Jobs has said that creativity is just connecting things and I look at experiences as a bunch of dots all throughout your life, when you have more experiences.

when you have more dots, you have the ability to make more connections, especially if you find yourself in a rut, try doing something new, spend time with someone who thinks differently. Your brain goes through a chemical change release as more dopamine when you experience something new. 

I've made a video on eight ways to raise your dopamine naturally and if you want to check that one out, it's right there, but break out of this routine, this can help you be more creative. 

Number 9 Be boring. I'm sure there have been times when you're in the shower and you get a flash of insight and all of a sudden, you've found a solution to your problem you've been thinking forever on, or maybe you meditate, and you find when you come out of it you're enlightened and ideas just come to you rapidly. I'm starting to learn when you try too hard to be creative, creativity eludes you, however, if you be bored and sit down, creativity will come to you. 

Number 10, channel your negatives into art. There are highs and lows in life and it's those negative moments that we try to escape, but often times maybe we've had a bad day or a fight with somebody.

We lash out on that person or other people or we turn to the things that relieve our stress, but I don't think many of us think about creating something, channelling these negative emotions could catapult your career. 

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