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Red White And Royal Blue free pdf download


Red White And Royal Blue pdf free download

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Red White And Royal Blue pdf free download 

Details of Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston Book

  • Book Name: Red White And Royal Blue 
  • Authors: Casey McQuiston 
  • Pages: 448
  • Genre: Romance
  • Publish Date: June 1, 2020
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston so red white and royal blue is a gay rom-com and it's been all over the internet getting so much hype for the past however many months 

I've been set up because it was the June book of the month for this Nashville book cheaper book club that is hosted by Emily Minh Eric but has a bunch of amazing Nashville women in it and I wanted to read this book because I heard so many good things about it 

I also wanted to discuss it with an amazing group of women so I read it it is just as amazing as everyone says it is it is truly the gay rom-com that we have all been waiting for that we've been wanting and we honestly don't even deserve it's just so good 

I would give it four and a half stars out of five just because there are a few nitpicky things that I didn't really love completely but for the most part, loved this book so much 

So it's set in a fantastical alternate universe in which the 2016 election was won by a woman who is divorced her ex-husband is Mexican-American and a congressman so their two children are biracial our main character is Alex 

They're the younger of the two siblings and is the first son of the United States essentially he starts out hating but later falls in love with the Prince of Wales Henry Henry is gay Alex thought his whole life that he was straight surprised 

He's five and that's kind of the premise of the story the book kind of takes place in the near future where we're coming up on the twenty election 

So his mother Alex's mother is up for re-election and Alex has a secret international romance going on with Prince Henry the public obviously assumes that they're both straight men and they have to keep it under wraps because Prince Henry has royal obligations in which it's not okay 

I guess to be a gay person and Alex doesn't want this scandal to break because he doesn't want anything affecting his mother's chances of being elected this is Casey my questions debut and it is 

So impressive that this is a debut novel because it is practically flawless it's so good I think there are a couple of plot points that I thought were unnecessarily dramatic 

Where it's just it's easy to see through the artifice of what's going on and it feels like dramatic for the sake of being dramatic but that like rarely happens and then also something that I didn't realize 

I didn't like it until Jenna from Jenna Claire Kay brought it up during the book club is that it's written in third person present tense and that was kind of jarring especially when we'd go into exposition scenes 

Because I just assumed that it was first-person present tense and then we'd go back to like Alex thinks something some things I'm like and you'd remember that it's written in third-person it's just definitely something that I'm not too familiar with and so it kind of threw me off sometimes but other than that this book is so funny like genuinely 

I think one of the funniest books I've ever read I have always thought that Rainbow Rowell was my queen of dialog and then I read this book and it's like it's a whole nother level it's really mushy and romantic during some parts 

I think it just really nails the feeling of falling in love but then literally any time any of our main characters work together or text each other or banter it's hilarious it was just excellent witty dialogue it's really profane but it's also really intelligent and it's just so funny 

I wish I had a better descriptor than just funny or woody to really represent how good the writing is but a laugh I lost for words the romance between Alex and Henry is just pitch perfect it is so so beautifully written the book is so funny it's so romantic it is steamy because it's a new adult so just an FYI for younger readers what is this 

Oh my god fly away already oh wait what if it's this a lawnmower this book is also so diverse it's so inclusive obviously our two main characters are bi and gay alex is biracial he talks about his biracial identity a lot he grew up in Texas speaks Spanish and English there are characters of every color every Creed every sexuality it doesn't feel forced it just feels 

So organic and natural casing the question is representing the world as it is and this book is definitely liberal and democratic Alex's mother the president is of the Democratic Party and she's running against a horrible Republican candidate 

It's a little triggering to read about it because it really throws you back into the 2016 election that's also maybe a warning you know depending on your political stance but I also feel like this is like such a weird caveat to put on the books like by the way only read 

It if you are liberal and respect human rights the pacing is interesting it covers a long span of time definitely over like seven-eight months which is I think a lot longer than normal why a book's cover it kind of hard to keep track of where you are in the year and how fast time is going Alex talks about being in his senior year of college and then graduating from Georgetown and then it's summer 

Then it's election time like all these things are happening and I didn't feel very grounded in the timeline but at this point, I'm just being nitpicky this book is so so good I'm really struggling to find things to talk about in this review because 

I feel like everything that I would want to say has already been saying every amount of praise that I could give has already been given if you have stepped foot into book Twitter at all over the past few months 

You've definitely seen at least 17,000 people talking about red white and royal blue and for good reason it's an excellent excellent book I wish this for my debut novel 

I wish I could have written something as amazing as Beth it is such a fun time regardless of what mood you're in I feel like you would love this book it goes by so fast just cuz it's so entertaining 

so funny the dialogue is so good there are so many iconic lines iconic scenes this book is so good it's so good that the English language is really really failing me right now because I can't think of anything so good great fabulous fantastic I need something more I need something a little more descriptive 

Oh what's wrong I need something more I need something a little more descriptive I need something that really nails it into you the viewer if you haven't read this book you need to read it.



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