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How to stop worrying and start living by Dale Carnegie Book Review


How to stop worrying and start living by Dale Carnegie

How to stop worrying and start living by Dale Carnegie Book Review 

How to stop worrying and start living by Dale Carnegie, the first idea now number one confusion causes worry most of us go through life worried stress have that queasy feeling in our stomach and we don't even know why we're confused but use this 3-step process they discuss in the book to help you eliminate just about all your worries the first step is to ask what am i worrying about I did this recently 

when I was at a theme park I was about to get on this ginormous roller coaster I asked what am I worried about I was worried about dying the second step is to ask what are the odds of this happening to analyze the chances of this occurring as I thought about it 

I realized the odds of dying on this roller coaster were very slim there's tons of theme parks so many roller coasters many people have already ridden this ride and they were fine I realized the odds were probably 1 in 10 million and then lastly is to make a decision after you've analyzed what you're worrying about the odds of it happening and deciding what you're going to do with it I decided since the odds were slim 

I was going to go on that roller coaster and throw my hands up you see that three-step process that I followed helped me eliminate the worry I had about dying 

Number Two trust your decisions making the right choice causes a tremendous amount of stress 

What if you're wrong with your career with your relationship how to use your time right now it can cause so much worry and stress that we don't do anything at all which in fact is the worst decision you could ever make you need to trust your decisions the more 

You make the better you get and the more trusting you become of yourself and remember this idea from another book thinking Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill unsuccessful people take forever to make a decision and they're quick to change their mind we're successful people are quick to make a decision and are very slow to change their mind 

Number Three live for today do you really think about your worries they're largely due from your past or your future not right now and they give two amazing metaphors in the book 

The one with your past is you can't solve sawdust realize this anything that's happened the past is done and over with you cannot go back in time all you can do is just analyze and from it now your future the metaphor is with cleaning a dish oftentimes 

We stay up late at night worried about problems that could come up the next day or dishes clean now but we're so afraid of it getting dirty that we want to stay up all night trying to clean it before it happens you have to let the dish get dirty before you clean it just like in your life 

You cannot solve a problem that has not come up yet you'd be so much better off as what dr. William Osler said in the book live and day tight compartments

Number Four start a new life I'm sure there's times when you're reading a book and you come across a line that you have the highlight star tell everybody about this is the case for me with this line every day is a new life to a wise man basically all the words that we have right now or from what we've done in the past 

The story we tell ourselves that limit us but what if you said it doesn't matter what I've done in the past an example being with me with my off days I wanted to make a video just about every off day but it hasn't happened but I started to use this line today is a new day today is a new life 

I want to be wiser and realized that just because I haven't done in the past doesn't mean I can't do it today and this applies to you as well let go of your past whoever you think you are and know that your new life can start right now today 

Number Five embrace the worst case scenario let me show you how this plays out whatever word you have asked what's the worst thing that could happen in the gym months ago I was lifting weight that was too heavy for me my form was off and I heard my back crack 

I became worried and I asked what's the worst thing that can happen it said that this injury could be permanent and I could never lift weights again once you've asked that question then you move on to embracing it at that moment I had accepted that there was a possibility that this back injury was permanent once 

I accepted it a lot of my worries went away because there's nothing I can do about it and then the last thing is to vote your attention to improving the worst case scenario I realize that when something unfortunate happens to you taking the time to be grateful can help you overcome it 

I started to realize that I haven't always had the best form I could have had this back injury years ago so I had 27 years of my life being back pain free and I was grateful for all that time and as I focused on being grateful trying to improve whatever I could with this back injury as time went on about two weeks my back had fully healed I feel this is a perfect example of how we worry 

So much in life and it doesn't happen the worst case scenario you're being fired you're being dumped whatever it is often never happens it's not even worth worrying about but even if it did you could still become successful you can still find reasons to be grateful and because of this why worry in the first place just embrace the worst-case scenario probably won't happen and even if it does you'll be fine anyway 

Number Six put a stoploss order on your worries and grudges stockbrokers have algorithms today where they buy a stock and if it dips to a certain level they sell immediately they don't even think about it they let it go you can do this with your worries and grudges as well one example being with losing your job or being dumped say 

I'm going to worry about finding someone else finding a new job for a day I'll worry for 24 hours worry worry worry but once those 24 hours are up I'll let it go and I'll move on same with grudges someone said something hurtful to me someone did something hurtful to me 

I'm going to be bitter and resentful for a week but once that week goes up I'm letting it go and I'm forgiving them if you actually did this you'll find that during these scheduled worry periods and scheduled runs periods that they're not serving you one day you may get to a point where you realize worrying doesn't help me grudging never helps me 

I'm going to move on with my life I'm not going to worry I'm going to address the problem I'm going to forgive them and when you do that you'll stop worrying stop holding grudges and you'll start living 

Number Seven don't expect gratitude we have a lot to give in this earth but often it's with strings attached we'll put our hearts out there we'll work really hard but all our fear and worry comes from throwing that string out there pulling back from that person expecting a thank-you expecting appreciation and having nothing on the end and I realize this is something that is preventing you from being peaceful 

I stress and worry so much or I have in the past about people liking it people watching it and that fear of not getting it stopped me from making them and improving on my videos but then I stopped worrying about the gratitude I started doing something that comes from the goodness of my heart give for the joy of giving 

Now I'm having the time of my life on this Wednesday morning because I don't need someone to thank me I don't need someone to like me bottom line we worry way too much about being appreciated trying to get something out of life for what we do well if we let go of expecting and just gain from the goodness of our hearts we find that a lot of our worries about it would go away and everything that we're looking for would eventually come to us 

Number Eight be yourself maybe you rolled your eyes when you heard that you hear that all the time but it's not a matter of what to do in life it's why you should do it that causes the change and here's why you should be yourself think about what psychologist William James has said people 

Who have not found themselves only use 10% of their potential you see when you don't embrace who you are you try to envy and imitate others at best you can only be 10% of the person you're on this earth to be but bottom line if you want to be a hundred percent on what you're on this earth to be you have to be yourself 

Number Nine the most common cause of fatigue psychologists agree that emotions are the most common cause of fatigue and think about this you get out to people working the same job and after eight hours one is drained they have to go to sleep and the other is just getting started maybe they go for a run they read a book afterwards 

Tt's because of their attitudes that are thinking towards what they're doing they've done Studies on the brain 12 hours after mental activity and the brain said no traces of fatigue see it's the emotions 

You have about what you're doing that is so draining and you'll find as you read this book and apply these ideas as your stresses and worries go away you'll have so much more energy and you'll do so much more with your life you'll actually start living and 

Number Ten nobody kicks a dog I'm sure there's a lot of things you want to do in your life maybe it's some kind of creative pursuit but you hold back for fear of criticism fear of what others think if you fail but keep this in mind when you're unsuccessful you're like a dead dog no one kicks it 

You see people only criticize those who are successful so if you're afraid of getting started of what others will think realize they're not going to bother you they're only going to bother you once you become successful 

Once this thing saying you'll realize there's nothing you have to worry about you can go start your dream today start creating whatever is in your heart to create nobody kicks the dead dog remember this and start living your life there 

You have it how to stop worrying and start living by Dale Carnegie highly recommend you read this book I'll leave a link to the description below also recommend the audio the narrator does this book has a soothing voice it's incredible.

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