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The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg Book Review


The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg Book Review 

Charles Duhigg's The Power of Habit was clearly a bestseller before I even saw it and it was on my wish list for the longest time, then I started getting into the subconscious mind topics that you Know Um Dr Shad Helms Setter Who Wrote You When You Talk To Yourself Say What My Favorite Book Is

As of now I am actually reading their latest which is really in my bag and I will review it soon that one is called Aptitude, I forgot the name of it but I then decided to switch subjects and pick up habits Decided because I read a book by Kelly McGoglin called Willpower Instinct and that really turned my mind upside down on willpower, it's called Willpower Instinct and I highly recommend I Don't Know I actually did review on that, but the power of habit

So in short it's great that a lot of people complain that there aren't enough case studies in these books the number one thing is they don't provide evidence uh where is the scientific research into something like habit this is something like The ones that are really only heavily studied for the last 50 to 60 years, they have people from the early 1900s or late 1900s

I'm sorry some doctors brought up the habits in the late 1900s in the late 180s and they were the ones who really turned the science upside down but it was so early no one believed it and they got away with it and everything else the basics for a habit is that you have a sign that you have a real habit and then there's a reward

So you have that sign that's on board Your habit is you go and get a soda from the vending machine and the reward is drinking soda You have a habit that says I'm hungry or even better is the habit or sign that i am hungry for the reward and i know i just said but the reward is chocolate and the reward is eating the chocolate

So what they say is to keep the cue in other words, keep you hungry, keep the reward that is thanks to the food, but change the habit just change what you do and the end of the book is really. The crux of the whole is the book you have to use

you have to find out what the queue is q maybe i want to say it is 2 pm they use the 2 pm example and they say it is 2 pm on monday and when you always go down are and get a bag of chips or you always go down for a smoke or you always go down to uh you know a soda or something you wanna change

So they say what is queue what is queue I am bored I want to socialize I am hungry I am thirsty whatever the case look at the queue find out what the queue is you already know what the reward is you You focus on the queue I don't know what the time is and then the reward

You have to find out if I'm getting this water or I'm sorry if I'm getting this soda because I'm thirsty am I getting this soda for sugar can I get on soda so I can walk am and can socialize so you have more reward to focus on then

what a sign that i'm bored i go in for a smoke really you want to instead socialize in other words you have to focus on the queue

what do you get up from your desk and it could be for anything it could be early morning it could go to the gym cue my alarm goes off i have my shoes on there habit is going to the gym and action or me sorry habit or reward i'm sorry reward is that you get a good protein shake or something you need a reward to start the habit but you have to figure out the hint and the reward

If you want to stop that habit that's the middle part you have a sign that you have the habit and then you have the reward so find out that this habit can start in any area of ​​your life

so my habit was getting up early and it was really hard to get up this morning because i left the house at midnight around 12 30 o'clock and i woke up around 5 30 so my cue alarm went off and i really one of them is ge uh normal electric light it's about like this you know

it just it shines it imitates the sunrise so it gradually gets brighter and brighter over half an hour so it imitates the sunrise because i noticed i hate that alarm noise so I have GE which I highly recommend and then when it's time

So it gradually gets louder and then I have it you can either like the sound of birds or chirping or you know you have all this nature sounds that stop when you wish i had the radio and it's like you know classical music it turns off so my signal my task is to get ready put all my stuff in my gym bag for the day go to the gym and again the reward is how i feel afterwards and although i did it for a

While I keep coming back to it and I know it sucks in the beginning but they say you really rewire your mind and that's actually the book I'm reading, I just remembered uh it shadhelm setter highly recommends the book by helm setter it's called the power of neuroplasticity i think it's the power of neuroplasticity which means your brain can actually reestablish habits

So they you start going to the gym you start going to the gym and then you wire it up in your mind that it's a habit now and it's weird if you don't go to the gym if you want to start a habit Or You Want To Break A Habit You Can't Really Break The Habit But You Can Change The Habit

so in other words you can figure out what the cue is you can figure out what the reward is i socialize i get out of bed and go to the gym i feel good after the gym and the habit The one bad habit you want to change is waking up too late

If you have a sign and you have a habit, but you don't have a reward, you're not, it's not going to become a habit and they really don't. I'm not using the word habit. , but they say it's something else and it's uh routine, they call it routine

so that's it you can see it right here they have a routine and a reward and the first part of the book is absolutely incredible it talks about rats and how your brain reprograms itself in anticipation of a reward .

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