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The Gods Are Not Dead By Abhaidev Book Review

The Gods Are Not Dead By Abhaidev Book Review


The Gods Are Not Dead By Abhaidev Book Review

The Gods Are Not Dead By Abhaidev is my fourth book by the author is the pen name of the author mayank chandna so every single time I read a book by him there is always something unique about his books and in this book we get to read about the story of a guy named shaurya who wakes up one day and he feels weird then eventually as the day progresses he realizes that he has gained a lot of powers and that essentially he has become indestructible.

Shoriya realizes his indestructibility when he survives a fatal accident unhurt and once he realizes that he has gained immense Powers he decides that he has to change the purpose of his life and that he needs to serve the humanity 

So the first steps he takes is to leave his security job without any security without knowing what is going to happen to him in the future so sorry tries a few different things to help people to help human beings initially he decides that he is going to be somebody who will solve crimes but there is flaw in his plan and then he decides that he will become a God man he will basically spread the message of God because he obviously is the Son of God himself otherwise why would he be indestructible 

Shoriya keeps running into failures because although his plans are well intentioned they are unorganized a lot of people are impressed by his indestructibility but they don't take him seriously as a God man because they feel that he's a fraud and that he's just performing tricks but along his journey he finally meets a woman named megha 

Who recognizes his potential and she realizes that he is indeed genuine and megha is very intelligent she is very knowledgeable in terms of philosophy and spirituality and also she helped shorty organize his plans and she helps him become more impactful in terms of spreading his message across to the people

She suggests strategies and basically Shoriya and his popularity skyrockets as a result of that and that's what the story is about 

so now I would like to talk about my reading experience with this book I read this as an ebook on my Kindle so this was a very effortless reading experience for me and the reason for that is that the writing is very smooth and it's very easy to follow and the story kept my interest engaged as a result of that I did not feel bored even once 

I have to say that when I started reading this book I really did not know what to expect because the story started on a completely different note from what it eventually turned out to be so this story is very unique and this did not come as a surprise to me because 

I have read three books by author abidev before this and if there is one thing about his stories then it is that he always tries to explore different Topics in a that is unique only to him so this book was no different in that regard 

So this book has the elements of Indian mythology as well as spirituality and there are many thought-provoking moments in this book in the form of discussions between the characters and as well as internal dialogues 

So as a result of that this book makes you Ponder a lot this book makes you wonder what you yourself as a reader believe in 

So now I would like to talk about the two characters in the story short as well as megha so chore is the protagonist of the story and for the most part he is a likable character because as soon as he realizes that he has gained amen's Powers he decides to use them for the betterment of the world instead of using them for his own selfish motives 

Megha well she is very calm intelligent knowledgeable organized I mean megha is the kind of character that you can't help but admire because she has all those good qualities that you aspire to have in your own personality 

So this is a beautiful and a wonderful foreign attains unprecedented Heights but eventually along the story other aspects of their personalities are also discovered the gray aspects of both these characters personality and that is why the story for me became more interesting these two characters were not painted picture perfect 

So the pace of the story is quite fast which was another reason why I did not get bored by reading this book even once I was able to read this book very very quickly and there were so many things that were happening in the story but at the same time they all made sense and one thing is that this book is definitely a page Turner 

I loved that about this book because there are a lot of books that you struggle to finish this was definitely not one of them and if I talk about the ending the ending of the story deserves a separate mention and I'm not spoiling it 

I'm just saying that I did not see the ending of the story coming it was a total surprise and it was very unexpected in a good way it was unusual well but very well written and very well explained the way a book ends really impacts your final thoughts about the book that you just finished reading and in case of this book 

I feel that the ending does a very good job of leaving the readers with a positive opinion about the book so that was my review of the gods are not dead by abhay Dev.

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