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Corruption free India for a developed nation essay 200 words


Corruption-free India for a developed nation essay 200 words

India is facing so many problems of corruption. Our country is not developing due to corruption. Corruption is spreading everywhere because people want to earn money free without working hard. When a person cheats on someone to fulfill his selfishness then such a person is called corrupt.

Some ways to make Corruption Free India -

1. Lack of education is an important cause of corruption that's why the study is a must.

2. Unemployment is a big problem. Government should provide jobs according to the qualifications.

3. People are earning black money illegally. The government should be strict towards such people and that person should be punished.

4. Both the briber taker and giver should be punished because it is a big crime. 5. It is very important for us to elect a qualified leader who is educated.

6. Cameras should be installed everywhere on roads, offices, and other organizations.

7. Every person should be alert and if corruption is seen anywhere, then inform the police.

Conclusion -

International Anti-Corruption Day is celebrated every year on 9th December to prevent corruption across the world. If we all Indians Unite and do all the work honestly then our country India will be free from corruption.

The government and people of India can eliminate corruption from its roots through social media, television, etc. Our honesty will make India a developed country.

Corruption free India for a developed nation essay 250 words

Corruption refers to a form of crime or dishonesty. It refers to an individual or a group doing evil. This act, most importantly, violates certain people's rights and privileges.

Corruption Free India involves mainly actions such as bribes or maltreatment. Since time immemorial in one form or another, corruption, in India has prevailed. The link between bureaucrats, politicians, and criminals is responsible for corruption in India.

Bribes were given in the previous days because things were wrong but bribes are compensated now for the right things in society. Social corruption like the mix weighing of goods, adulteration of foodstuffs, and different kinds of bribery have predominated in continuously.

In the current situation, if a person wants a public sector job, he has to pay the higher officials substantial amounts of money regardless of meeting all qualifying criteria.

The most significant reason for concern is that corruption dehumanizes the governing body and degrades the fundamental value of the law that regulates society.

Today politics are only aimed at criminals and outlaws, who end up being in politics. Elections have become tied to a host of criminal and draconian activities in many parts of the country.

Calling electors to cast votes on a particular candidate, or physically blocking voters from accessing the polling stations frequently occurs in different parts of the world, particularly in weaker sections of society, such as the Tribal, Dalits, the depressed, and rural women.

Corruption remains a major problem in the largest democracy in the world and represents a significant risk to industries.

Corruption free India for a developed nation essay 300 words

Many countries around the world face the problem of corruption. India is one such country that is severely impacted by this problem. Corruption is the root cause of various other serious problems in our country.

Meaning of corruption :

The word Corruption Originated from "corrupt" which means Something that does not work perfectly due to some force. It has time immemorial. Nowadays, it is present in every walk of Life. There are many fields Like politics, police departments, and Government Services which are filled with corruption.

In the recent few years, the Corruption scam. that has been revealed in India is of mammoth proportion. Corruption has several adverse effects; it is, therefore, vital to have a Corruption free India.

Corruption is the exploitation of public property, power, and influence for fulfilling the Selfish purpose of gaining personal fulfillment. It has adversely affected the growth of the country and the individuals and reduced the governmental organizations. It is one of the biggest reasons for inequalities in the country.

Here are some Steps that should be taken to prevent corruption and make India a developed. nation. A sense of accountability of income should be given by all the workers at all levels to prevent taking bribes.

Vigilance The anti Corruption officers should be vigilant. A sense of responsibility by the bribe givers should be inculcated by conducting anti-Corruption awareness campaigns, and strong and robust laws should be in place. Corruption Free India for a developed nation.

Our country can flourish and grow better if we get rid of the problem of Corruption. So, let us We Can all do whatever little to resolve this big issue. There are many ways to free India from Corruption and make it a developed nation. only the Willingness to implement these ways is required.

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