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12 Rules for Life by Peterson Jordan B Book Review


12 Rules for Life by Peterson Jordan

12 Rules for Life by Peterson Jordan B Book Review

12 Rules for Life by Peterson Jordan B  the book is entitled twelve rules for life and that in itself gives you the hint that this is a sort of self-development book or a book that will better you inspire you all those sort of things 

while the book does have a lot of those aspects it's also way more complex each chapter is one of these twelve lessons and so he'll start with the rule of the chapter twelve rules for life remember 

what we end up doing is going on a journey okay I mean that it's a journey okay so you start out with this main point you take a path you take a path away from it then you take a path off of that path and a path 

you end up somewhere completely different at times I really felt that way where he's a superfluous speaker he's a superfluous writer as well so it wasn't anything that really surprised me 

I kind of half expected it going in now that's something that generally frustrates me with nonfiction I don't like flowery nonfiction but he is a very intellectual man it's very interesting to hear his thoughts but as far as labeling 12 rules for life as a self-help book 

I would actually really discourage you from going in with that expectation it's a much more intellectual book than that we go in through a more traditionalist view and it's interesting the way he describes things 

I really enjoyed it from a mindset perspective where he is going in with these traditional archetypes so he's using things like Pinocchio like princess story is Grimm fairy tales stories that we all know 

These huge stories that are part of not only Western culture but a lot of cultures in some form or another and he's using those to explain his points about life itself really and we are going big this is big scale 

So really a lot of the time I felt this book twelve rules for life could have been multiple books on the one hand it's self-help and I felt like we could have pulled those lessons and put them into a shorter more concise book 

Then we're sort of going into religion a lot of the time and this is something that really surprised me I'm gonna get into in a minute and then we're going into the intellectual side or I should say the psychological side about sort of almost what makes us tick a little bit how you can master your mind a little better your mindset a little bit better and all of that was really interesting 

But I almost felt like it was too much for this one publication I would read more of his work again I just feel like let's split it up a little bit because it's almost overwhelming and thematically as a book 

I feel that it veers quite a bit that's not to say that the information itself isn't good isn't fantastic because it is but it can also just be tiring a little bit it's a little too much going on so the religious aspect

 I wanted to talk about is that he uses Christianity and biblical references biblical stories to really explain a great number of his points and by a great number 

I mean most of it so it not that this offends me or anything it's just that I wasn't expecting it going in I'm not Christian I was raised Christian Presbyterian in case you curious I'm not Christian 

Now but I do enjoy religious studies I think it's really fascinating I have like half a shelf on religious books I like the study of it so it didn't bother me it's not like in a you know annoyed me because he used it but it was annoying because he used it so much that I almost felt like 

I was in Bible study and that really happens for the middle third of the book where almost everything is a biblical reference it's interesting I feel like he should write and annotated like version of the Bible no joke 

I would read his Bible study notes because the way he interprets it is very interesting it's very fascinating and I would love to read more about that it's just not what I thought I was signing up for when 

I purchased this book so I think expectations I've said before and a lot of my reviews can make you feel really happy you're really not happy about a book 

I completely understand why he did it because this book is really for Western civilization it's for Western civilization thinking and the Bible of course is a massive part of what has defined our culture in our society 

So it would be neglectful to say that it didn't because of course it did it's just that I had wished for a reader or as a reader and to reach more readers but he had used more of the story 

I could tie archetypes like Pinocchio and the princesses and Hansel and Gretel and things that he touches on in the last quarter of the novel if he had not the novel of the book if he had used more of those different types of references as explanations throughout 

I really think it would be more relatable and it would really touch more people so I think if you are Christian if you are interested in religion you're gonna see a lot of things that are familiar to you 

I've definitely studied a lot of Christianity I always get the Christian jeopardy questions right I don't know I don't know how it happened but those facts are like somehow buried in there like all those years of Sunday school 

I don't know it's implanted so just be aware of that going in that it is heavy with Bible references so to make his point as I was saying he sort of we make a point and then we go on a path and the path off that path right and so it's very big very large scale at the end of the chapter we sort of come back to the core and sometimes 

I wouldn't even know how we really got back to the core message of that chapter but it just seemed that suddenly we arrived there and that was fine I just felt that it was a bit convoluted so there's these great lessons really great lessons it's just that you have to really go on a journey to get there 

So don't go in expecting it to be efficient because it's not efficient at all it's superfluous it's a bit convoluted but the lessons are there the insights are there and all of them were very interesting to me so the first two-thirds of the book can get exhausting 

I'm not gonna lie to you there was a point there in the middle where I was like I didn't know I could really make it through if I had been reading this in paperback or hardcover I was listening to it on audible just to just to clarify via audiobook if

I had been reading this in regular format I don't think that I would have made it through just because in the middle of the book it gets very dense it gets very heavy it's very Bible study centered I really felt like 

I was in a theology class at some points and that's just not what I was looking for when I decided to read this book what I was looking for what I expected was a little bit more self-help and more straight to the point and not quite so intellectual I appreciate both sides it's just that 

I wasn't expecting that when I started reading it so let me explain to you why this is a little disappointing for me I have a certain schedule if you will with audiobooks where 

I basically listen to nonfiction audiobooks in the morning sort of helped me with my routine and get me in a good mindset to inspire me to encourage me to do better and then in the afternoons and evenings when I'm cleaning or whatever I'll listen to more light stuff fiction and that sort of thing so when 

I decided to use this or to purchase this as an audiobook I was looking for something inspiring motivating all the things that you want what first thing in the morning now I didn't always find that with this book I think if my expectation had been different I would have enjoyed it more but 

I also probably wouldn't have picked it up because I don't often read these superfluous nonfiction so I'm glad I picked it up it's just that it did not need that that mark for me and that was my own expectation because of the title and because of how its categorized 

So I want to be really clear on that first two thirds great insights it's just that you have to dig to get to them it was still good just heavy now the last corner of the last 1/3 of a book there abouts you start to get into it 

I really felt that the last quarter of the book was how the entire book should have been that's when we're really getting into the personal stuff that's like a logical stuff that's 

When I felt like the really helpful things for everyday life came into play there was still the biblical references but they weren't quite so heavy-handed and it was interspersed with a lot of different architecture typos stories that 

We can all relate to and not me all know and I understand why he used them because they're things we all know that's how you explain these big concepts right my common ground so I loved that he did that 

I was glad to get a bit more of that that's when he gets more into his political thoughts which are very anti-socialist and tiny Oh Marxism I'm not gonna get into that stuff but um that's really where he gets into that sort of thing he also gets into more the psychology of things and give us some great advice for just maintaining your life for as the as the book title says an antidote to chaos that's when 

I feel like we really got into the heart of it so it took us about three quarters of the book to get into what I felt the meat of that book should have been so as I said before

I really feel like there's a lot going on in this book we could have probably taken every he said there's a lot of insight there's a lot of interesting perspectives that whether or not you agree are just fascinating to mull over and to think about we could have just separated them and we could have all been reading three different books that's really how 

I feel about it so all in all I'm glad that I read it I think that he is a very insightful interesting person and I like to hear his perspectives do I agree with everything he says No do I agree with a lot of what he says yep 

so if you're reading this because you're interested in what he's had to say and you want more of that you're gonna get it just be prepared that just as he is and his interviews and his lectures he is a bit superfluous he does meander and there's nothing wrong with that 

I just want you to understand that going in but it's not your typical like quick and dirty life tips that you might expect from a lot of the self-help genre so do 

I recommend it yes I do but only to a certain audience only if you sort of know what you're getting into and you know that you're going to be interested in what he has to say you're probably watching this after having already seen some of his lectures and his YouTube videos i

I you're looking for more of that or if you're looking for more insight into what he has to say on a lot of different topics about life about society about culture all of which are very fascinating you're gonna find them in that book they are there so it's a bit of a hybrid it's not quite a self-help book it's almost theology it's about story structure a lot of the time 

I felt that very interesting as a writer and someone who studies story how much he gave as far as traditional stories and why they work and why they have an impact so again there's just a lot going on I think I'm going to give this either a 3.5 or a four star just because 

I felt somatically with the book promised and as advertised as is a bit different from what it actually ended up being and I think if you change expectations and the way things are categorized people go in a lot more happily because they know what to expect and they know what they're getting out of it so it's long it's deep it's heavy at times hard to through at times but the core messages are there and they are good so if you're interested in picking up his book 

I say go for it if you're not sure yet and you're just like who the heck is Jordan Peterson anyway go ahead and google him and watch some of his videos and you're gonna know right off the bat if he's someone you want to learn more about or someone whose perspectives you want to learn more about 

I should say that instead of getting to know him his closing statement is about how he hopes the book has helped the reader in some way he hopes that it has pointed out things that you already knew but maybe didn't realize you knew and that he hopes you can wish well that he wishes you well so somatically I think we're a little bit of Louisville over the place of the book 

I think he's a very intelligent person a very learned person and it might have been difficult for him and his publishers to decide quite what to include or not include that's it for this one guys it was a good book I'm glad I read it it made me think about some things some things the same some things differently some things 

I agree with some things I didn't agree with but God wouldn't it be boring if I just agreed with everyone all the time so it's it's up to you you definitely want to be in somewhat of his vein of thinking and understand where he's coming from before you read the book it's definitely for a more conservative audience and you should know that going in thanks for watching guys 

I hope that you have enjoyed this video and that this review was a little bit more enlightening for you as far as what's actually included in Jordan Peterson's book 12 rules for life.

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