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The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo By Taylor Jenkins Reid Book Review


The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo By Taylor Jenkins Reid Book

The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo By Taylor Jenkins Reid Book Review

The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo By Taylor Jenkins Reid the story follows her telling a magazine reporter about her life story she's finally ready to divulge all her secrets and all of the things that she has lived through 

it is called the seven husbands so she goes through all of her experiences with these seven husbands the story is pretty interesting because in the beginning she's like i want to find this reporter and she knows who she wants to divulge her life's secrets to and she has the a particular reporter in mind and her name is monique grant and you're wondering why does she want to have this particular reporter even the reporter herself is like

i don't understand like i'm fairly new i'm hardly known why does this famous icon from the 1950s want me to interview her for the first time she wants to tell her story and we're like baffled we're like okay why 

what is it about her so there's mystery there in from the start there's mystery there so evelyn she talks about her life from the 1950s becoming a movie star how she started all the men in her life and another special uh someone that she actually really falls head over heels for who is like the true love that she's so longed for so she talks about her life 

how she made it to become an actress in the 1950s the tough times that she had as a woman back then trying to get ahead and make a life for herself in uh this industry this male-dominated industry especially back then in the 1950s and finally in the 1980s 

she actually chose to no longer be in the spotlight and she's quite uh you would call a recluse you know she doesn't like being in public she stays herself in her house and everything so this reporter monique grant goes to her house to interview her and she's asking uh evelyn like why me like 

i'm fairly new and i'm not even this famous uh reporter and evelyn keeps telling her you know you'll you'll soon find out you'll soon find out so again there's mystery there you're wondering what is it about this reporter why would she want her you know honestly 

i thought uh she doesn't want anybody she doesn't want to deal with any of the top-notch people she just wants somebody that's not very well known because she's just recluse she wants to stay out of the limelight but now that she's a lot older she's like 

i just want to bear my soul to somebody that is not very well known and maybe that made her feel more comfortable but that's not the case as you continue to read you're getting a little bit more like okay maybe there's more to the story than i thought evelyn she is she is to me she was an unlikable character 

i was so frustrated with her a lot of her choices there's so much deceit betrayal this is definitely a drama this is like reading a soap opera it probably wouldn't have been my number one choice um my number one favorite story to read but i really wanted to dive into it since 

i wanted to know what the hype was all about with this uh with this story and it really took me by surprise because there was a lot a lot of things based on the title that i thought like wow this is like gonna be an elizabeth taylor type of story i've never read elizabeth taylor's story but 

it was this was so scandalous and there were so many lies um that she told and then i just kept thinking she needs to like come clean and finally live the life that she really wants to live for herself to be happy and others around her in her life to be happy too because she is creating this trail of lies and deception 

then she just keeps going down this dwindling spiral and i'm like oh my god when is she gonna stop like after a while it just became really annoying to me she wasn't a very uh likable character and hey there are stories that i'll read and the villain is a likable character

you'll you know he's not annoying he's like being a villain and you know i'm like okay you know i can get him and she never like thought about other people getting married to these men a lot of times it was for the limelight for the the 

so the tabloids can have a certain story about her to boost her career falling in love was probably secondary most of the time not all of the time but most of the time and she had very few uh people in her circle that 

she truly truly cared about but if you got in her way she was ruthless she was the ice queen she would you know like she didn't really care uh she hurt your feelings and she was just very selfish and i could understand a lot of the reasons why she was 

so like hidden and she didn't want to reveal certain things about her life i can totally understand that but i think her as a person my god she was just um like i said she was to me she was like this icy person even to the people in her life that were very close to her there's certain jobs that 

she would say or certain things that she did which was so deceiving and it's like wow like she doesn't stop like stop already so there are some lines that i want to read just to give a little bit of insight on who she is how her thinking was so one of the things that she said she was asked how do you act 

so cavalier act so cavalier about some of the things that people would be scared to to do or say and evelyn says because other people got nothing to do with me so her thing was pretty ruthless like just do what you have to do don't worry about other people's hearts that get in the way and that's that but it does go into also like 

her as an actress and her working her mindset her experiences working with other people as an actress it goes into the limelight the tabloid father that she experienced and how 

she would set up her life in a way to manipulate how they saw her life and then write about what she wanted them to believe about her life so this kind of sums up all the the dwindling spiral of lies and deception that she made for herself for for a reason that she felt she had to do 

she says this this was our people and here they were revolting against the police in the name of their right to be themselves while i was sitting in a golden prison of my own making so even she herself felt like oh all these lies she's sitting in this prison but she's living 

what everybody would assume to be like oh you're living the life you're like uh you've made it you're a star you're in the public eye and everything and she's thinking like how unhappy it is to be living a lie 

so in reading this you're gonna find out her scandalous life her glamorous lifestyle how she maneuvered husband to husband and why she married the people that she married and then you're also going to find out who the true love of her life really is 

i was just hoping that she would like just reveal and be herself but she goes through um those pieces of her life and i know it wasn't easy back then because so certain things are so taboo but in any any case if you want a story that has lots of drama betrayal uh the limelight and a hollywood icon living her 

life in public and then the way she lived her life behind the scenes it gets revealed in this novel there was this one scene that was so funny because evelyn breaks her tooth and how she breaks her tooth was super 

i was shocked but i was like laughing at the same time so that was a funny part in the story where she totally breaks her tooth she gets really excited and and that part was was very funny but you again if you want to read a really drama a dramatic story kind of like a soap opera-esque 

thing and and learn about why she is this icy person and why she did the things that she did and who this reporter is what relationship this reporter has to evelyn and the reporter doesn't even know so you will find that out too.

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