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Essay On My Favourite Movie Pk

Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones book review

  Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones book review Silver sparrow by Tayari Jones. Most people probably know Tayari Jones for writing the book an American marriage, which I read when it originally came out and I really enjoyed that book. And so I've had my eye on picking up more of her books and books from her backlist and whatnot since then. And so I finally picked up my first one.  So in this story, you are following basically these two families that are related, but not in the way that you would expect. The father figure in this book is named James Witherspoon and he has two families.  He got married when he was really young and then when he was older he started having an affair and then he married the woman that he was having affair with while still married to his other wife. So yeah that's exactly like how the story starts out.  The very first line in this book that's like printed on the back and on the blurbs it says, "my father James Witherspoon is a bigamist." S

The Confessions of Frannie Langton by Sara Collins Book Review

  The Confessions of Frannie Langton by Sara Collins Book Review  The confessions of Franny Langton by Sara Collins. This is a book that came out last year. I was sent an advanced copy of it but did not read it until this week. So here I am to talk about it.  So this is a historical fiction book that has like a little bit of a mystery element to it. I've seen some people / marketing materials talk about this as a historical thriller but I wouldn't categorize this in the thriller genre at all.  There is a mystery happening here, or there's-- a part of this is a mystery but that isn't really what it is. So let me give you an actual synopsis so you can kind of know what it is.  So you are following this character named Frannie Langton. She is a Jamaican woman. This takes place in the early 1800s.  She was a slave in Jamaica and her owner ends up eventually taking her over to England where slavery isn't a thing anymore but obviously black people still aren't treated

In the Shadow of the Banyan by Vaddey Ratner book review

  In the Shadow of the Banyan by Vaddey Ratner book review  In the Shadow of the Banyan by Vaddey Ratner, this is a book that I feel like I saw a lot of people reading a while back, like legitimately four-ish years maybe more back, and really, really enjoying.  And I remember coming across this at a used bookstore and being like, "oh, everyone really loved this book. I should pick it up." Picked it up, it sat on my shelves for a really long time.  But now that I'm at home significantly more I decided I'm going to try to try to tackle some of the books that have been sitting on my shelves for a while and this is one of them.  And I'm glad that I did because this is a really great book. So this is a historical fiction book set in Cambodia during the 1970s during the Khmer Rouge, I believe that's how you say it, uprising or like the civil war that happened in Cambodia during that time period.  You are following this little girl named Raami who at the beginning of

The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead book review

  The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead book review  The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead So I read the Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead like two years ago when it originally came out and really loved that book.  And so I had pretty, not high expectations, but I had a feeling that the nickel boys would be a book that I would enjoy. And I did really enjoy it but I have like sort of complicated or mixed feeling sort of about this book as well.  So quick synopsis. This is a historical fiction book. It is set in the 1960s. And you are following this boy named Elwood. You find out that like his parents left him behind with his grandmother and he's basically been raised by his grandmother. And his grandmother raised him to be like a good kid. He does pretty well in school. He, for the most part, stays out of trouble.  He has a job at a I think it's a convenience store or a gas station, something along those lines. He's always kind of kept to himself. He doesn't have a wh

The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James book review

  The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James book review The sundown motel by Simone St. James. So this is a suspense-slash horror kind of novel. It's a ghost story. And in this story, you are following two different storylines.  The first one is set in the early 1980s and you are following Viv Delaney. She has recently decided to leave her home. She's like college age approximately.  And she's decided to leave her home, leaving behind her mother and her sister because she doesn't really get along with any of them.  And she basically tells her mom that she's going to leave to go to New York City in order to become an actress.  However, instead of ending up in New York City, she ends up in a small town in New York called Fell. And she ends up at the Sundown motel.  She was like hitchhiking and realized she was in a not great situation. So she basically just like got out and ended up at the motel. And she originally gets there and plans on just like staying the night and

The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel book review

  The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel book review The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel this is the follow-up to Emily St. John Mandel's extremely popular book station eleven, which is going through a bit of a resurgence right now because apparently people want to read books that are about flu epidemics.  I don't get it, but you know you do you. But anyways this book just came out in March. And I read station 11 back when that originally came out and I loved it so, so much. I am one of those people who was super excited when I saw that Emily St. John Mandel was coming out with another book.  But I will admit that I had heard like tempered feelings towards this book. I know a couple of people who really loved it. I know a couple of other people who were not big fans of it. And so I was kind of intrigued just to see sort of what this book was about.  And I will just say like off the bat, in case you're interested, this is not the same as station eleven. But it is also

Shelter by Jung Yun book review

Shelter by Jung Yun book review  Shelter by Jung Yun. And this is a book that was all over booktube around like three, four years ago and I completely missed the boat on it. And again, this is like another one of those stories where  I was at a used bookstore and I saw that this was at the bookstore and I was like oh, there are so many people who love this book.  I should probably pick it up. And then I read it this weekend and completely devoured it and like absolutely loved it.  So in this book, you are following a character named Kyung. He is of Korean descent. He is married to a white woman named Jillian and they have a son together named Ethan.  They are currently going through some significant financial troubles. They're upside down on their house and they were considering selling their home in order to like get some sort of money on it because they know that they're not gonna be able to keep up with the mortgage payment or something along those lines.  And so the story b

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Laxmikant Polity Pdf Free Upsc Material

       Click here to download the pdf  Indian Polity by M Laxmikant 6th Edition PDF Free Download Details of  Legend of  Indian polity by Laxmikant 6th edition Book Name:  Indian polity by Laxmikant 6th edition Authors:  M Laxmikant Pages:  660 Genre:  CIVIL SERVICES, UPSC-PRE, UPSC-MAINS Publish Date:  2019 Language:  English Book Summary: Today I provide Indian Polity PDF especially for UPSC or civil service aspirants because Laxmikant Polity book is important for civil service exam and state PCS BPSC, UPPSC, MPPSC, RPSAC and all other competitive exams. So, dear students, you can download M. Laxmikant Indian Polity PDF for your exam preparation. You can download Indian Politics by M. Laxmikant to read Politics on your mobile computer via PDF viewer by clicking on the link given below. Because its concepts are completely in the format of notes and students who need to spend a lot of time they have to spend a lot of time in making notes or M. Laxmikant Polity Book already indicates tw

Quanta Book by Aashish Arora PDF Download

     Scroll Down and you will get the live link  Quanta Book by Aashish Arora PDF Download Details of  Quanta Book by Aashish Arora  Book Name:   Quanta Book  Authors:    Aashish Arora Pages:  544  Genre:  Study Material  Publish Date:  9 April 2022 Language:  English Book Review  Quanta Book by Aashish Arora Sir  as you know he teaches on an academy you know him very much  So this book is published by Ashish the name of the book is quanta this book is basic basically for quantitative aptitude  This book contains all  competitive exam you can see this book is useful for IBPS PO, SBI PO, CET, RBI GRADE-B NABARD, REB PO, IBPS CLERK, SBI CLERK RBI ASSISTANT, RRB CLERK, Insurance AAO & AO and other competitive  exams  so I reviewed this book and I thought to share it with you so that you can also take the decision whether you should purchase it or not  When you purchase this book you will get this card this is the discount  scratch card I think means it contains a thousand plus objecti

Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey pdf Download

   Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey pdf Download  Details of Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey  pdf Book Name:  Hyperfocus  Authors:   Chris Bailey Pages:  267 Genre:  A self-help  book Publish Date:   28 August 2018 Language:  English Book Review: Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey  is just one of the reasons that we so often find it difficult to concentrate on our work.  There are severe limits to how much we're able to focus on at once. And keeping the spotlight on the 40 most important bits is hard when the other 10.9 million usually contain more than a few temptations.  So in my constant quest to improve my own ability to focus on my work, I recently picked up the book "Hyper Focus" by Chris Bailey to see if it had any new focus-boosting tricks that I could hide up my sleeves, which are honestly kind of short  so I'm not sure how many tricks are gonna fit up there. But for me, this book was a great deep dive into many topics surrounding focus and concentration.  Our mi